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The 16th Annual Aviation Summit

Last week's Aviation Summit is another way that the Chamber has supported economic growth this year.

Thomas J. Donohue
Airbus’ Allan McArtor

One of the highlights of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s annual Aviation Summit is the presentation of the Carol B. Hallett Award.

U.S. Chamber Staff
Airliner crusing into the sky. The State of American Aviation

Smart infrastructure investments and FAA reauthorization can support a strong American aviation industry.

U.S. Chamber Staff

Technology has long been an agile and fluid force, creating and disrupting labor sectors throughout history.

Michael Marinaccio
Debate preview: infrastructure

The two leading presidential candidates seem to agree with each other about the importance of investing in infrastructure.

Laura Bonavita
An SUV tows a boat on the freeway in Los Angeles, California.

58,000 bridges—nearly 10% of all bridges in America—are structurally deficient.

Carrie Brooks

Unfortunately, that is one thing Washington is good at pursuing – and the economy suffers.

J.D. Foster
Light-up American flag

We Will Rock You” – with the issues.

Abby Kelly
Erica Roberts