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Hiring Our Heroes and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University created Fast Track to show the critical paths to meaningful careers and guide veterans and transitioning servicemembers to make informed decisions about education and employment opportunities.

Elements of the program include mapping careers by industry/sector to 100 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that are forecasted to have the fastest growing job markets; identifying the qualifications needed for employment opportunities within the MSAs; showing how to target the GI Bill for use at community colleges, vocational schools, and apprenticeships; and credentialing programs to earn specific qualifications to land a job in a given MSA.

Hiring Our Heroes will partner with dozens of major employers that are committed to hiring veterans who successfully meet the criteria of a pre-determined Fast Track in each of the identified MSAs.

Phase I

Identify and map the top 100 fastest growing job markets in America and the 5 key industries driving growth locally.  This map can be viewed here.

Phase II

Populate each of the 100 cities with veteran-friendly career opportunities in Fortune 500 companies from the identified industries.  The map can be viewed above or by clicking here.  If you are a veteran-friendly company and would like to add your job to the Fast Track map, click here for more information.

Phase III 

Identify critical paths to meaningful employment and show servicemembers how to use the GI Bill to earn specific qualifications and credentials to land a good-paying job.  Cick here to view the tracks we have developed so far.