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America has grown and thrived because we attract and welcome the hardest working and most talented people to our shores. They come here to pursue their dreams and build their lives. However, today’s immigration system falls far short of meeting the needs of our society, our economy, our businesses, and our workers. The U.S. Chamber works for smart immigration policy reforms so the U.S. can boost economic growth, create jobs, and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship.

Tell Congress: Secure our Borders and Fix Our Broken Immigration System

Congress needs to prioritize these issues and enact solutions that secure our borders and modernize our legal immigration system. History has shown us that the longer our elected officials wait to address these problems, they will only become tougher to solve.

Join us in encouraging Congress to secure our borders and fix our broken Immigration system.


A small landscaping business in Florida depends heavily on foreign national workers in the U.S. on temporary work visas. There simply aren’t enough to fulfill business demand.

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Richard Cardew, founder of Cardew Hay Co. in Arizona, believes modernizing the immigration system will help alleviate the ongoing worker shortage.

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America’s woefully inadequate immigration system is directly contributing to the worker shortage crisis and hindering American business operations.

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Our Work

To allow businesses to meet their workforce needs, the U.S. Chamber is pushing Congress and the administration to implement commonsense immigration reforms. When businesses are empowered to welcome international talent to the workforce, we renew our nation’s legacy as an open and welcoming country where anyone who works hard can attain his or her goals.

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