U.S.-Bahrain Business Council

The U.S.-Bahrain Business Council (USBBC) is the premier business advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the economic and commercial relationship between the United States and Bahrain. The Council is composed of American and Bahraini companies, whose goal is to expand two-way trade and to strengthen economic cooperation.

Established in 2006, the USBBC is led by a board of directors and administered by an executive director. Occidental Petroleum Vice President Ian M. Davis and Al Zasyani Investments Chairman Khalid Al Zayani, serve as co-chairs of the USBBC.

The USBBC is part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Council has full access to the Chamber’s congressional affairs and legal divisions, as well as various Chamber institutes and entities. This access can be used to leverage Council policies, programs, and initiatives.

The Council furthers its mission and its members’ interests through a wide range of programs, outreach to Bahraini and U.S. government officials and business leaders, and by the production and distribution of publications that detail Council activities, objectives, and commercial studies.

For more information on membership and member benefits, visit www.usbahraincouncil.com