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Immigration Reform

It is long past time for Congress to act on the important task of fixing our broken immigration system.

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We urge our members of Congress and the administration to support commonsense proposals that would improve border security, provide permanent relief for Dreamers, and institute bipartisan reforms to the immigration system to better serve the nation’s economic interests.

It is critical that all proposals avoid significant cuts to legal immigration – doing so would be devastating to our economy and our local communities.

4 Visa Programs That Can Help Employers Solve Their Workforce Needs

4 Visa Programs That Can Help Employers Solve Their Workforce Needs

American businesses are in the midst of the biggest labor crisis ever, with more open positions than there are available and willing workers to fill them. Legal nonimmigrant workers can help businesses meet their workforce needs. Here are four nonimmigrants visa programs to know about.

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Elected leaders must remember that the ability for someone to become an American is unique to our national identity and is part of what makes this nation great.

Unfortunately, Congress is considering proposals that would significantly reduce legal immigration. The Chamber opposes these efforts.

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