G20 resource efficiency dialogue


July 30, 2020


The G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue (hereinafter “the G20 RE Dialogue”) developed this Roadmap to promote its activities more effectively. This was carried out at the request of the G20 Environment Ministers, as described in the communique of the Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable Growth adopted in June 2019. The G20 RE Dialogue will: (1) Continue to share actions and good practices

  • The G20 presidency may host a G20 RE Dialogue meeting to share knowledge, actions and good practices of resource efficiency improvement by G20 members in light of progress made in each country.
  • During the G20 RE Dialogue, the G20 presidency or any of the G20 members in collaboration with the G20 presidency, and with their agreement, can organize workshops or sessions by setting specific themes.
  • Topics and activities advanced by G20 members, voluntarily under the Roadmap, are listed in the Annex.
  • A website for the G20 RE Dialogue will be established to ensure timely and regular sharing of information. For the time being, this website will be managed and updated with the support of the Ministry of the Environment, Japan.
  • Each of the G20 members will appoint a focal points for the G20 RE Dialogue, and the G20 presidency will update and share a mailing list of the focal points.
  • The G20 members are invited to identify key stakeholders that may contribute to the work of the G20 RE Dialogue and whose mailing list information can also be maintained as a resource for the G20 members.

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G20 resource efficiency dialogue