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President, Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC)
Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Keith Webster is president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Defense and Aerospace Export Council (DAEC). He is responsible for guiding the development of the Defense and Aerospace Export Council to strengthen U.S. defense and aerospace exports. Webster leads the Chamber’s efforts to increase advocacy and analytic work on behalf of council members; promote DAEC to government entities, Congress, and the broader business community; and work cross-divisionally with various councils of the Chamber’s International Affair’s Division to engage foreign and U.S. government officials to advance the council’s agenda.

Before joining the Chamber, Webster served the Department of Defense with distinction. He was director of International Cooperation from 2012 to 2017 and has years of expertise in foreign sales of military equipment and services, international agreements, and technology security foreign disclosure processes.

Webster brings to the Chamber 30 years of experience leading international policy formulation and implementation. He was awarded the Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service in 2017, the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award in 2015, and Knighted in 2012 by the Ambassador of France to the United States. He received his M.A. in international relations from Catholic University in 2001 and his B.S. in business finance from Towson State University in 1984. Webster is also currently seated on the Board of Directors for HENSOLDT Inc. 

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3 February 2021 OSD Call Notes

OSD Overview

New SecDef and soon new Deputy confirmed soon. Effective Jan 20th put in motion A&S succession plan—Stacey Cummings Acting Under and Greg Kausner Acting Deputy A&S.  Kim Herrington Acting DASD MIBP—Jesse Salazar arriving later this month as DASD for Industrial Policy.  It was noted that the MIBP position was fleeted up in the NDAA 2021 to ASD MIBP.  The new Deputy (Kath Hicks) will come on board and work to establish the new position then nominate a candidate.


November 18 OUSD Conference Call Notes


Spike in COVID has not changed the work force levels in the Pentagon at the moment.  Operating with a ceiling of 80% and most likely will drop to a ceiling of 60% next week.  Most in DoD continue to work remotely regardless of restrictions.  Will get an update on the vaccine progress at each meeting.  New PD DPC John Tenaglia taking over from Kim Herrington who just joined the MIBP staff.  Big week of engagements for MIBP at various events.  Next meeting Wednesday December 2nd. 

Vaccine update: 

DAEC Summary of key highlights from CSIS report: Analysis of the FY2021 Defense Budget

Reference:  Analysis of the FY2021 Defense Budget, by Todd Harrison and Seamus Daniels, CSIS Defense Budget Analysis Program, dated August 2020 (see linked document).

August 19 OUSD Conference Call Notes


Recent activity by the department in partnership with HHS—DPA activity over the past two weeks--signed two agreements; Aug 10th with Bio Fire Defense for testing and Aug 17th $750,000 for plasma products; DoD started with a $1B objective under DPA Title 3 and now down to less than $50M to commit all in support of the national stockpile initiative.  Scott Baum with OSD MIBP is headed back to Texas -- this is his last week.


August 5 OUSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes

OSD A&S:  DPA activities—two awards in coordination with HHS July 29th NTE $51M to Puritan Medical for swabs; July 30 $23.3M to Buxton Medical for pandemic rapid point of care infection detection.  No call next week due to events in the Pentagon.  Next meeting will be August 19th -- so mark schedules.  Security clearance webinar was attended by over 600 small businesses and will most likely repeat that event later in the year and please let OSD know of any other key topics important to small business for a future webinar.


June 24 OUSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes


  • Sec Lord and CEO of Development Finance Corporation signed an MOA this past Monday to institute a Title 3 DPA Loan program—first time ever to have such a loan program under DPA. 
  • Next week is a holiday week so no call next Wednesday.  Next call planned for Wednesday July 8th. 

Small Business: 

  • 3pm small business roadmap for facility clearance webinar today; for details of this event and future events.


6/17 Actions from COVID-19 Industry Call


Following up with information regarding Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) contractors and access to FedMall Small Business corridor for PPE.

DLA is exploring the use of the FedMall Small Business corridor by SB contractors funded by NAF.  NAF contracts are not subject to the FAR, therefore there may be limitations on their ability to use the government supply sources authority in FAR Part 51.  OUSD is working this issue and will provide a final response by the end of the week or early next week

Below is the DCMA Defense Industrial Base report:

FedMall Small Business Corridor


In response to your feedback on supply issues, DLA has created a small business corridor within FedMall allowing DoD Small Business Contractors to exclusively browse and shop for non-medical PPE and similar material offered by the commercial supplier community. DLA’s work lends support to small business and the COVID-19 get-back-to-work effort. 

June 17 OUSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes


  • Next Wednesday at 3pm there is a webinar on hosting a facility clearance. More information can be found at
  • A webinar on CMMC is currently being planned, more details to follow.

Industrial Policy:

DAEC COVID-19 Update May 27: Notes from Today's OSD Call

May 27th OUSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:



  • Top issues: returning to operations post COVID; Pentagon starting process now as a multi-phased plan to reopen fully—details forthcoming; telework will be a reality for the Pentagon staff going forward.

OSD Small Business: 

  • Webinar is next Wednesday June 3rd at 3pm, “Future of Telework” ; see for details.


DAEC COVID-19 Update May 13: Notes from Today's OSD Call

May 13th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:

  • DoD and DHS announced a $138M contract award with ApiJect Systems America for project “jump start” and “RAPID USA” effort for medical grade injection devices starting by Oct 2020.

DAEC COVID-19 Update May 11: Notes from Today's OSD Call

May 11th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:

  • Over 62,000 DoD personnel supporting COVID response; 46,400 members of the national guard supporting State’s response to COVID.
  • DoD focus remains on testing and screening and warehousing.
  • Last Friday’s Industrial Base Council (IBC) lasted longer than planned and most effective IBC to date.
    • The focus of the IBC was a deep dive review of the classified industrial base.

DAEC COVID-19 Update May 8: Notes from Today's OSD Call

May 8th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:

  • OSD will play a significant role in “Operation Warp Speed,” which is the administration’s COVID-19 vaccine project.
    • Goal: 100 million doses of the vaccine available by November, 200 million vaccine dosages out by December, and 300 million available by January.  
    • HHS is leading the effort with DOD. 

Actions from 5/8 COVID-19 Industry Call


DAU and the Office of Small Business Programs within Industrial Policy are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, May 13 at 3:00pm EST. The topic is “DPC Policy Guidance” featuring Mr. Kim Herrington. For more details, visit here

DAEC COVID-19 Update May 6: Notes from Today's OSD Call

May 6th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:

  • The U.S. is supporting countries in need and will provide PPE and ventilators to various countries in Africa and Latin America.
  • The U.S. is carefully balancing U.S. domestic needs while assisting others globally.
  • OSD continues to encourage U.S. industry to keep producing ventilators and PPE
  • SecDef letter to essential workforce was released last night.
  • OSD needs to understand industry PPE needs regarding effort to fully reopen.


Actions from May 1 COVID-19 OSD Call


Below are a few helpful links provided by OSD.  If you would like a copy of the memo released on managing impacts COVID is having on Defense Contracts, please email Kathryn Levantovscaia at

Transcript from USD Lord’s COVID-19 response press briefing yesterday

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 27: Notes from Today's OSD Call

April 27th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:

  • There is a Wednesday webinar at 3pm for small business trusted capital vs adversarial capital discussion—press release due out later today announcing this event—please sign in to webinar 15 minutes in advance given expected load on system.
  • New addition to today’s meeting with the participation of the Deputy Director for Defense Intelligence.
  • Over 60,000 DoD personnel are currently supporting COVID actions.
  • $835M awarded since start of pandemic.


DAEC COVID-19 Update April 27: Helpful links


Below are some helpful items for your teams:

·      FEMA fact sheet: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Addressing PPE Needs in Non-Healthcare Setting

·       CIO COVID-19 website:

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 23: Helpful links


Provided for your situational awareness is the memorandum regarding flexibilities for electronic delivery of information related to suspensions and debarments FYSA as well as the following links.

USD Lord Update on DoD COVID-19 Response Efforts

Recent NIAG Study Activity


Recently, the NIAG Vice Chairman and Acting Coordinating Officer held two virtual exploratory meetings and have scheduled two additional exploratory meetings for early May.  Below are the details, if you would like a copy of the documents from the NIAG coordinating staff at NATO HQ/Defense Investment, please email Katie Levantovscaia at


DAEC COVID-19 Update April 17: Actions from recent COVID Update


Earlier this week, CISA released guidance for non-healthcare critical infrastructure sectors, including the DIB. Please seelinks below for guidance.



Chamber's Discussion Document: Implementing a National Return to Work Plan

This morning the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released a discussion document to Chamber membership, featuring the work we are doing. 

Please feel free to share any feedback with Kate Levantovscaia at

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 10: Notes from Today's OSD Call

April 13th OSD A&S COVID Conference Call Notes:


  • Sad news with the passing of a sailor on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.
  • U.S. Northern Command deployed 12,500 folks to support COVID.
  • Guard deployed 29,000 in COVID response.
  • 15,000 personnel from the Army Corps of engineers are engaged in COVID work.

 CARES ACT Updates

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 10: Actions from COVID-19 Industry Call #13


Provided below are additional actions completed from yesterday’s call with OSD:

Link to yesterday’s Small Business webinar with the Small Business Administration and their slides:

Links to the Services Small Business portals industry can reach out to:

·         Army:

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 9: Actions from COVID-19 Industry Call


Official JATF Landing Page available here and the COVID-19 JATF Industry Portal (powered by AFWerx) available here. If you would like a copy of DIB’s Small Business Best Practices or the Class Deviation- CARES Act Section 3610 Implementation, please email Katie Levantovscaia at 


International Principles for Safeguarding Essential Economic Functions and Export Restrictions in the COVID-19 Pandemic


To access International Principles for Safeguarding Essential Economic Functions in the COVID-19 Pandemic, please follow this link. To access International Principles on Export Restrictions in the COVID-19 Pandemic, please follow this link

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 7: Caps on the PPP and EIDL Program under the CARES Act


This Hill letter was sent to Congressional leadership on the caps on the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 2: Actions from COVID-19 Industry Call


Provided below is a one-pager on the Joint Acquisition Task Force and the latest links from OSD .

DCMA’s recent commercial item determination

JATF portal (an overview of the JATF).

DAEC COVID-19 Update April 1: Call for Action



Provided below is a link for input that is needed- TODAY 2 APRIL- from industry regarding the CARES Act. 


DPC website where industry can make comments relative to the CARES Act:


DAEC COVID-19 Update April 2: International Principles for Safeguarding Essential Economic Functions in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear Colleagues:

Provided below is the final Chamber position that our staff are using with respect to international bi-lateral engagement via our bi-lateral councils at the Chamber and consistent with what I shared earlier this week. We have shared this position with DoD.

Our colleagues shared these principles with CISA’s Office of International Affairs ahead of their calls yesterday and today with representatives of Germany, Israel, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Mexico, Canada, and perhaps a few other governments.

DAEC COVID-19 Update March 30: Helpful Links for Industry


Here you will find a link for the recently released Memorandum for the Defense Industrial Base Subject: Doign Business with the Department - Supporting the Response to COVID-19.

DLA’s RFI for determining industry capabilities for providing PPE.

DAEC COVID-19 Update March 27: How We Can All Help Small Businesses


Congress has approved $350 billion in emergency loans for small businesses to help them keep workers employed. In fact, if small businesses maintain or later restore their payrolls, they may not have to repay some — or possibly any — of the loan. Here’s a guide and checklist from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help your small business through the process.