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With over 50 years of engagement with 32 countries in the region, the Americas Department has the breadth and depth to address crucial trade and business concerns, thus advancing regional prosperity.

Our core programs are positioned to promote a forum for dialogue at the highest levels of government and business and advance trade and investment policies relevant to our member companies.

Our advocacy on trade agreements and trade facilitation, regulatory cooperation, regional infrastructure, border efficiencies, intellectual property, and rule of law serves the goals of:

  • Enhancing economic partnerships
  • Highlighting the contribution of U.S. businesses to economic prosperity in the region
  • Securing market-opening free trade agreements
  • Promoting investment
  • Fostering trade facilitation reforms
  • Securing the rule of law
  • Defending intellectual property rights

Our membership services include:

  • Advocacy for commercial and investment opportunities
  • Business Intelligence
  • High-level access and networking


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