The Americas Business Dialogue (ABD) is a network of business associations and business leaders from throughout the Americas organized to drive policy innovation promoting regional economic growth, job creation, and rising prosperity. The network works in alignment with all involved governments in order to drive policy innovation to be presented at the 2018 Summit of the Americas.

The ABD is led by a select number of prominent business leaders from each of the countries of the region, with staff support by their respective business associations. In the case of the U.S., staff support is provided by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, serving as secretariat for the U.S. business community. Our partners are the leading Chambers of Commerce and business associations from the other 34 countries of the Americas, including the National Confederation of Industry of Brazil (CNI), the Business Coordinating Council of Mexico (CCE), the National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI), and the Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAP).

The Objective of The Americas Business Dialogue

ABD’s goal is to advocate for regional economic integration that will foster improved administrative and regulatory procedures as well as strengthen education and training.

The ABD consults closely with all the involved governments as they negotiate the Summit of the Americas theme, agenda and declaration so that when the Summit convenes in April of 2018, the conversation between the political and business leaders can focus on the most relevant issues, with an eye to renewing the longstanding public-private partnership in promoting growth, development and prosperity. The ABD is working in eight work streams to produce analyses of the key regional challenges in each area:

  • Energy
  • Logistics and Connectivity
  • Regional and Global Integration
  • Regulatory Cooperation
  • Innovation and Human Capital
  • Finance
  • Trade Facilitation
  • Natural Resources

The Summit of the Americas aims to encourage regional business and political leaders to embrace a focused agenda of policy designed to cohesively move the region to overcome identified challenges. Following the Summit, the ABD group will follow up periodically with the region’s governments to encourage sustained progress and prepare for the following Summits.

The ABD also presents a networking opportunity for member companies to build relationships with governments, business associations and potential strategic partners. There are numerous opportunities for member companies to play different roles in ABD.