A message from USKBC Chairman Octávio Simões

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s U.S.-Korea Business Council (USKBC) is comprised of major U.S. companies that are committed to doing business in South Korea. Since 1987, the USKBC has been the leading voice of American business in the U.S.-Korea relationship, promoting strong economic ties between the two countries. To this day, our core mission remains fostering better business and government ties and deepening bilateral trade and investment in order to facilitate growth across all sectors of the economy.

The USKBC continues to lead efforts in both the United States and Korea to promote a cooperative and mutually beneficial economic relationship. Throughout my nearly 40 years in the energy industry, I have been privileged to lead several projects that crossed our two countries’ borders and I have been fortunate to join many business delegations with frequent travel to Korea. Our collaboration has been both productive and collegial, and I cherish the business and personal relationships built. As chairman of the USKBC, I look forward to driving progress in the USKBC’s advocacy agenda and to being of service to both the U.S. and Korean business communities in advancing a strong bilateral commercial relationship. I invite businesses of all sizes and sectors to join us as we continue to enhance collaboration between the two countries in key commercial priorities and strengthen the Council’s mission to expand American business trade and investment with Korea.

Octávio Simões is president and chief executive officer of Tellurian Inc. He assumed chairmanship of the USKBC on May 14, 2021, following former USKBC chairman David Cordani, president and chief executive officer of Cigna