Ctec techupgrade data final


October 27, 2020


Data has long been a driver of the United States’ 21st century economic leadership in analytics in the areas of financial inclusion, public health, and safety. The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has further brought to light just how important the use of data is to mitigating the effects of the virus, tracking and slowing its spread, and promoting economic recovery.

In order for Americans to continue to reap these vital benefits, the Chamber Technology Engagement Center (C_TEC) calls for a national data strategy, including the need for national privacy legislation, a robust artificial intelligence (AI) framework, and information technology (IT) modernization for federal, state, and local governments.

National Data Privacy Legislation: In order to spur innovation and provide certainty to consumers and businesses, Congress must pass national data privacy legislation that protects all Americans equally and eliminates a patchwork of state laws. Privacy legislation should provide consumers with easy to understand rights and businesses with clear obligations. Congress must recognize the importance that data plays in advancing key societal goals like public health, safety, and inclusion.

Artificial Intelligence: The emergence of AI technologies will transform nearly every sector of the economy and improve the lives of millions of Americans. To ensure the responsible development and deployment of AI applications and position the United States as a global AI leader, policymakers must embrace commonsense regulatory approaches, invest in AI research and development and open government data, and lead in the creation of AI standards.

Information Technology Modernization: Government IT systems have lagged behind the private sector in terms of modernization. Congress and the administration must take a proactive approach to providing funding to upgrade federal systems. Policymakers must facilitate a coordinated plan to ensure that agencies not only utilize resources efficiently but also develop and implement strategic planning around how government IT is procured and integrated into government operations.

The first section of this white paper authored by the PERC addresses how technology and data have been used to aid in the fight against and recovery from COVID-19. Later sections are policy proposals put forward by C_TEC for a national data strategy.

Ctec techupgrade data final