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October 17, 2022


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce welcomes the opportunity to comment on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s request for public comments to gain insight on the current global artificial intelligence (AI) landscape and stakeholder concerns regarding international AI policies, regulations, and other measures which may impact U.S. exports of AI technologies.

The Chamber believes in AI’s potential as a force for good to tackle challenges and spur economic growth for the benefit of consumers, businesses, and societies. We have been deeply invested and involved in this vital space.

In 2019, we issued ten principles for policymakers considering action on AI:

  1. Recognize Trustworthy AI is a Partnership
  2. Be Mindful of Existing Rules and Regulations
  3. Adopt Risk-Based Approaches to AI Governance
  4. Support Private and Public Investment in AI Research and Development
  5. Build an AI-Ready Workforce
  6. Promote Open and Accessible Government Data
  7. Pursue Robust and Flexible Privacy Regimes
  8. Advance Intellectual Property Frameworks that Protect and Promote Innovation
  9. Commit to Cross-Border Data Flows
  10. Abide by International Standards

We have leveraged these principles to serve as a guidepost for governments around the world as they seek to set policy criteria for this critical technology space.

The Chamber also launched the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Commission on Competition, Inclusion, and Innovation in 2022 to advance U.S. leadership in the use and regulation of AI technology. With AI poised to transform the way Americans work, socialize, and other numerous facets of our lives, this Commission was established to provide independent, bipartisan recommendations to aid policymakers and recommend artificial intelligence policies as they relate to regulation, international research and development, competitiveness, and future jobs. In recent months, the AI Commission has convened field hearings in key locations around the U.S. and internationally to explore these critical issues The Commission is working on its recommendations and will look to release them in early 2023.

As detailed in our responses in the document, we believe ITA has a key role to play in ensuring the U.S. builds on its leadership in the promotion and flexible, risked-based regulation of AI, contributing to a global digital economy based on open digital architectures, interoperability, high-standard trade rules, and equitable cross-border data flows.

221017 Comments AI Export Competitiveness ITA US Chamber