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From communicating locally to focusing on establishing your personal brand, these five contributors offer their best tips for marketing in this digital era. — Getty Images/Peopleimages

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In today's digital age, there are so many avenues you can take to market your business and it can be overwhelming to know which ways will prove to be most effective for your audience.

To help small business owners understand the different aspects of marketing in the digital age, we've rounded up some of the best content from contributors published this week.

Don't neglect local marketing

Given the global reach of the internet, it's no surprise that many business owners attempt to market to as wide an audience as they can. However, in business-growth strategist Krystal Covington’s article, “Why Local Marketing Still Matters In The Digital Age,” she warns business owners not to neglect or discount their local market. Not only is local marketing cheaper to do than a national campaign, but your location is also a differentiator that can boost business if marketed in the right way, as many people are inclined to support local businesses.

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Start an email newsletter

Marketing via email newsletters is one of the most utilized forms of content marketing, and for good reason. However, in order for it to be effective, you need to dedicate sufficient time and attention to create a strong, well-constructed newsletter that is going to appeal to your audience. In “5 Effective Ways to Promote Your Email Newsletter,” Liviu Tanase, founder and CEO of ZeroBounce, discusses the need for a clear newsletter in order to effectively promote it to your audience. The newsletter should be easy for customers to find and sign up for, and be frequently mentioned in your company messaging for maximum exposure.

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Without a strategic marketing plan, your business is going to have a difficult time achieving company goals and connecting with your target audience.

Focus on building a personal brand

In “5 Ways to Build a Powerful Personal Brand,” author Samuel Leeds, founder of Property Investors, expresses the importance of establishing your personal brand and appearing as a community leader in your niche. Leeds recommends narrowing your niche as a way to find smaller sub-communities where you can become an influential expert resource. Your brand can be elevated by doing things to become a prominent resource in your industry, such as speaking publicly, writing a book and finding other ways to educate your audience, while continuing to educate yourself.

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Write a strategic marketing plan

Without a strategic marketing plan, your business is going to have a difficult time achieving company goals and connecting with your target audience. Entertainment executive, bestselling author and philanthropist Tiffany Gaines, writer of “If You Don’t Have a Strategic Marketing Plan, You’re Setting Yourself Up for Failure,” lays out all the key components to consider. She notes you’ll want to define your target market, develop a strategic marketing process and, most importantly, determine the channels your company should be using for promotion. While doing so, business owners should be aware of their budget and create one that’s maintainable.

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Try cold calling

In author, speaker and sales trainer David Walter’s 3 Cold Calling Tips from Entrepreneur and Podcaster John Lee Dumas,” Walters discusses some of the entrepreneurial lessons he has learned and applied to cold calling. He writes that one of the biggest lessons he learned was to establish a crazy goal and find a mentor who can help you achieve it. He warns not to wait to start working. Instead, get started right away and expect to learn and improve as time goes on. As you work toward your goal, with the help of your mentor, your business will have a strong support system behind it to guide you in the right direction.

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