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Email is one of the most effective forms of marketing, but starting from scratch can seem daunting. The several template options available make it easier to start. — Getty Images

Email marketing helps you grow your business by generating leads, keeping customers abreast of your business and building your own list of contacts to communicate with and advertise to.

An email campaign typically offers something valuable to your audience for little to no cost, such as a free trial of a product or service, a coupon, or even just helpful, exclusive content. Using the right email templates for your business is crucial because it will help you engage with your target audience and produce unique content to retain customers.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try these five helpful email marketing templates to get your next campaign rolling.

Welcome email

Your welcome email template is arguably the most important template you have to get right. According to MarketingProfs, subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33% more engagement with the brand. The welcome email provides new subscribers with their first impression of your brand, so it’s important to build a strong relationship right from the beginning.

To create a strong first impression, make sure to include the following elements to your welcome email template:

  • A sincere “thank you” message.
  • More information about your company, such as your history and core values.
  • An overview of your products, services and/or upcoming promotions.
  • A call to action to help subscribers engage more with your brand.

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Promotions and sales

According to Adobe’s Consumer Email Survey Report, 61% of consumers prefer to receive promotional information via email. The problem is that other brands compete for your subscribers’ inboxes, making it a widely contested territory. In order to capture their attention and avoid the dreaded spam folder, include the following elements to your email template:

  • Add high-quality images or videos.
  • Explain how and why your products or services are beneficial to them.
  • Use compelling call-to-action messaging.

Limit your promotional messaging and instead focus on what your subscribers want to know and what they need to know.

Event invitations

Hosting and attending events are great ways to network and drum up business for your company. If you regularly host events, such as community classes, live demonstrations or industry summits, your email marketing strategy is your greatest resource to attract attendees. Here are a few tips to make a strong event invitation template:

  • Create an announcement email and send it to your subscribers as early as possible. Give them plenty of time to lock your event in their calendar.
  • Send follow up emails to your subscribers with more information, such as a schedule and list of speakers.
  • Consider offering discounts to your email subscribers, such as an early bird discount.
  • Send a post-event email summarizing the event and include pictures, videos, presentations and a list of any upcoming events to build awareness.

Informational newsletters

An informational newsletter can take many different forms, such as a deep dive industry report or a summary of your latest blog posts. However, these newsletters need to provide value to your subscribers first and foremost. Limit your promotional messaging and instead focus on what your subscribers want to know and what they need to know.

Celebrations and milestones

Holidays and individual subscriber milestones are excellent opportunities to keep your subscribers engaged and loyal to your brand, and even re-engage inactive users. If you’re creating a template for an upcoming holiday, keep your messaging simple and straight to the point. For individual subscriber milestones, make sure the milestone you set is meaningful to the user.

Ready to nail your email marketing efforts? Check out our guide to creating an effective email marketing campaign.

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