Strong brand identity is important.
From a solid logo to consistent, creative messaging, a business can display its personality by establishing a strong brand identity. — Getty Images/jacoblund

The modern startup landscape is rich with examples of companies that have created strong brand identities that are sure to last. Whether that brand identity derives from the logo, general design aesthetics, messaging, company voice or all of the above, a good brand tells you more about the company and it reflects the personality and values of the business.

Here are 10 U.S. startups that have already left a strong impression on consumers with inventive and consistent branding.


No matter how you feel about electric scooters, the California-based unicorn scooter startup Bird has undeniably created a compelling brand that encourages users to try Bird scooters in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East. The Bird logo, website, app and scooters are all primarily designed in sleek black and white, showing consistency. The company’s welcoming branding extends to its social media channels, which are filled with images of people of different ages and backgrounds using scooters and messages about building sustainable cities.


It’s hard to imagine a startup that runs away from brand identity would be one of the most imaginative brands around, but California-based Brandless has achieved this distinction. The direct-to-consumer company sells simple, inexpensive products in categories including health, beauty, home, baby and travel, and has created loyal customers who appreciate its unique approach. Brandless’ social channels have all positive, conscious messaging, which aligns well with simpler lives the company is encouraging.


Popular dating and social app Bumble might have first caught attention for its women-focused approach where “women make the first move,” but its clean and welcoming branding is also noteworthy. The company’s values of empowering women are clear throughout messaging, content and design in the app and on social media. Additionally, the startup heavily uses the color yellow, which is consistent with the beehive-like look of the logo.

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The modern startup landscape is rich with examples of companies that have created strong brand identities that are sure to last.


For many people, the first time they meet Clear is at an airport or sports stadium, as the startup’s service allows people to move through security faster. The New York-based company’s brand and messaging, naturally, are welcoming, as they have the chance to connect with millions of potential customers each day. Two big things the company emphasizes are convenience and safety, and that messaging can be found on its website and social media.


In the world of insurance branding, companies try hard to differentiate themselves to better tell their stories and to create trust. New York-based home and renter’s insurance startup Lemonade sticks out because it heavily uses the color pink, and its messaging is that of a friend that’s working to help you. The company also has a wild Instagram account that gives new meaning to your purchases being “covered.”


Atlanta-based newsletter and marketing company Mailchimp has cared about design and branding since its early days, partially because co-founders Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius were web designers before going all-in on Mailchimp. The company has refined its look, monkey logo and design principles over the years as it has grown, but it has always strived for a “grounded and consistent” structure that can be built off.


The Los Angeles, California-based app Quilt has an unusual pitch in a digital-first world — it encourages women to meet up in person to have real conversations. As such, the startup’s branding is soothing, supportive and positive, with messaging focused on self-care and conversation. For example, on social media, it encourages women to get off their phones and create positive spaces.


New York-based website building and hosting startup Squarespace has focused on helping anyone launch and run a website since its founding in 2004. The company may be best known for Super Bowl ad spots that it has aired over the years and fun podcast advertising, all of which communicate the quirky-but-aspirational branding and tone of the company.

The Farmer’s Dog

Pet food startup The Farmer’s Dog built its brand on the idea that dogs should eat better food instead of mystery “burnt brown balls.” The New York-based company logo is simple yet friendly, and its voice is that of a dog owner who cares deeply for their pet’s wellbeing. With many photos on social media featuring cute employee dogs and dogs enjoying the company’s food, the company has an easy time communicating why it stands out and what it stands for.


When it comes to car rental companies, it’s not easy to stand out. However, San Francisco-based peer-to-peer car-sharing startup Turo has made an impression by emphasizing that it has cars for rent you can’t get anywhere else. The company has developed simple-but-neighborly branding that encourages people to take adventures in style.

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