Video marketing is a great way to reach the masses.
A majority of internet users watch videos and many consumers say they want video content. — Getty Image/golubovy

Marketing comes in many forms today, from email to social media. But one particularly popular type of marketing is video marketing. With 85% of all internet users watching video content on their devices monthly, video marketing is a highly sought after way to reach the masses. The demand for video content is increasing, according to HubSpot, with 53% of consumers reporting they would like to see video content from brands they follow or support.

Check out our take on video marketing and how it can benefit your business.

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What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the act of creating videos to market a specific business and its products/services. Video marketing is a valuable tool to have in a business’s digital marketing strategy, with 80% of video marketers satisfied with their return on investment after launching a video. Additionally, video marketing is a versatile medium with multiple platforms available to share them on including YouTube, Instagram and forwarding to email subscribers.

A few examples of video marketing include:

  • Demo videos: Demos take the consumer through an in-depth analysis or demonstration of your brand’s product or service. These videos show your customer what to expect when they utilize your brand.
  • Educational or how-to videos: These instructional videos can teach your audience something new or a product in your business. You could also make these videos to give your audience step-by-step instructions for activities that could make their lives easier, therefore showing the trustworthiness and value your brand brings them.
  • Live videos: Livestream videos allow you to engage with your audience more fully than a video they playback. These videos, including Facebook live or Instagram live, gives them the chance to comment with questions or feedback to your business in real time.
  • Brand videos: These videos bring your brand to life and give your audience greater insight to your team or business, especially if you’re showcasing or launching a product or service.
  • Customer testimonial videos: Case study videos, or customer testimonial videos, can give your business the boost it needs in terms of consumer credibility. These videos showcase how your business helps the consumer solve an issue by having real life customers tell their experience to your general audience.

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The demand for video content is increasing ... with 53% of consumers reporting they would like to see video content.

Benefits of video marketing

There are several benefits to video marketing, including:

  • Increasing SEO rankings. Video marketing can bring optimal benefits to your page’s search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. Backlinking your website in your videos and using the tagging feature in YouTube videos will assist in bringing your page to the top of a Google search. Internet users who like and comment on your videos can also boost SEO rankings and drive traffic to your page. The key is to use a solid meta data description and strong title with SEO keywords.
  • Engaging your audience. As consumers frequently call for transparency and trustworthiness in brands they follow, utilizing video is a great way to showcase yours. Video allows your audience to view your work through high-quality images that start a conversation and curiosity into the additional services your business has to offer.
  • Informing and/or educating viewers. Videos that are instructional in nature can bring great learning benefits to viewers and may cause them to pursue more of your videos. This is a great chance to bring awareness to causes or experiences important to your business.
  • Boosting conversions. When choosing to buy a product, consumers are supposedly 80% more likely to go through with a sale when there’s a video on a landing page. This makes up for any money or time spent on high-quality video for your business.
  • Personalizing the customer experience. Live videos and videos personalized for consumers are perfect for building trust in your brand. Video marketing allows for strong face-to-face experiences between consumer and business.

With the many benefits of video marketing and wide variety of video types, gather your team and brainstorm how video marketing can positively impact your business!

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