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From providing value to hosting or moderating rooms, there are several ways business owners' participation in Clubhouse can benefit their businesses. — Getty Images/izusek

By now, you’ve probably heard about Clubhouse—the invite-only, audio-based social network where users create or join “rooms” and have conversations about various topics.

The fastest-growing social media app in the world launched in April 2020 and now has over 10 million weekly active users. Previously available only to iOS users, Clubhouse is experiencing another surge in growth, as it became available worldwide to Android users in May 2021.

Just like any social media platform, participating on Clubhouse can be a time waster, but it can also be helpful if you’re a small business. In fact, you can even get new business from it. The key is finding ways to offer value to clients in this new platform. Here are some real-life examples of businesses that have done just that.

Giving value first

Books ranging from The Bible to The Go-Giver tout the importance of giving first, receiving later. This strategy works in many areas of life, and in Clubhouse, as well.

“From participating in Clubhouse discussions, we were able to sell 15 LLCs and 3 corporations, which led to around $15,000 in sales for our firm,” says Zachary Hanby, client relations manager for Fisher Stone, P.C., a business and real estate law firm in Brooklyn, NY.

“Our business attorney, Greg Stone, and I joined Clubhouse and found groups that were interested in entrepreneurship, sales, business ideas, marketing and finance,” says Hanby. “We listened to the conversations, and then spoke to some of the points people were making, and were able to teach some people about business law in the U.S.” After giving business advice and value to the people listening, we would do a shameless plug of our free 15-minute consultation, he said.

Small business expert and Smart Hustle founder Ramon Ray says, “Consultants, coaches and speakers make money on Clubhouse by providing lots of value and then encouraging folks to direct message them to connect further.”

Ray shares that the connections he has made on Clubhouse led to the following sources of revenue: working with brands who pay him to host Clubhouse rooms and getting booked as a speaker, including at the Listening and Beyond Summit.

Personally, I believe that the most legitimate transactions are the ones that begin as legitimate social interactions.

James Surrey, founder and chief editor, Review Home Warranties

Hosting and moderating rooms in clubs

Terri Holley, of Spencerville, Maryland, is the founder of the Flip The Script After 50 Club on Clubhouse, and is the owner of Holley Creative, a digital marketing firm. In her club, she leads discussions about online marketing. She is also a regular co-moderator for three rooms, including one for Womxn in Business, one of the largest clubs on Clubhouse, that focus on helping current and soon to be entrepreneurs work through challenges and roadblocks.

This exposure has brought Holley new business in the areas of online marketing consulting and website design.

Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey-based dermatologist Naana Boakye, MD hosts the “Holistic Acne Specialists Hangout Club,” on Clubhouse. Each Friday at 2 p.m. experts discuss skincare, acne and beauty. Providing free, useful information has provided exposure for her business.

“I have gained several new patients through Clubhouse,'' says Dr. Boakye.

Michele Bellisari, a realtor with Real Broker in Boca Raton, Florida, founded two clubs on Clubhouse: Club Real #REALTORLIFE and The South Florida Network | #SoooBoca. By leading and participating in conversations in these clubs and other clubs on the app, she has built relationships that have led to real estate referrals and listings.

Connecting through shared interests

“Personally, I believe that the most legitimate transactions are the ones that begin as legitimate social interactions,” says Raleigh, North Carolina-based James Surrey, founder and chief editor at Review Home Warranties, which examines the differences of each home warranty and assists clients who need guidance.

Surrey explains, “I spent some time in a gardening room at Clubhouse and introduced myself, and what I do. I mentioned how I reviewed home warranties as a living and did gardening on the side. I was delightfully surprised to get queries about home warranties. A lot of the people in that room (and there were around 60) were confused by the concept, and I told them to hit me up on email so I could write up a quote and get back to them soonest.”

To date, Surrey has successfully closed 16 deals and counting, all because of a shared love for gardening.

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