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Relationship intelligence software could be the key to more fully understanding your customers and anticipating their needs. — Getty Images/mihailomilovanovic

According to a study done by the Aberdeen Group, only 15% of businesses truly understand their customers and know how to meet their needs. If you find yourself in the other 85%, these six relationship intelligence tools can help.


Aidentified is a relationship intelligence and prospecting platform. The startup is unique in that it combines both personal and professional data in its user profiles. The database features over 300 million consumer profiles and over 80 million professional profiles.

The company monitors major events and career changes for everyone in its database. Once you sign up as a user, Aidentified will notify you of these changes and show you how you’re connected to each individual.

This makes it easier for you to not only identify new prospects but reach out in a way that’s timely and thoughtful. Users are free to search the database at any time, and you can filter your search by over 150 attributes.

Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials is a CRM with built-in relationship intelligence tools. You can use it to automatically pull customer data from your calendar, emails, spreadsheets and social media channels. This gives you a 360-degree view of every customer relationship.

Having all of your data in one location will make it easier to keep track of leads and close more deals. You can track recent emails, calls and upcoming meetings in the Einstein Activity Capture.

Plus, Salesforce allows you to automate certain tasks and build a self-service support site so customers can receive answers to commonly asked questions. This allows you to create a personalized experience for every customer.

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Affinity is a relationship intelligence platform that shows you how you can take full advantage of your entire team’s network. You can customize each search with over 1,000 different data points.

Affinity will help you identify new possible connections with individuals and businesses, and the platform will show you opportunities for personal introductions so you can capture more warm leads.

The software automatically creates contacts from your inbox so you don’t have to waste time on data entry. And you can use the Instant 360 Rolodex to schedule smart triggers and reminders, so you'll never miss an opportunity to follow up.

Having all of your data in one location will make it easier to keep track of leads.


Accent helps you grow your revenue through AI-guided marketing insights as well as pipeline and sales management. When you sign up for Accent, the platform will show you what content is performing well with buyers.

Plus, the software will auto-detect buyers from email threads, calendar events and website visitors. It will then add this information to your current CRM.

Accent’s software comes with a comprehensive dashboard that shows you how potential deals are moving along and how each sales rep is performing. This information will help you coach underperforming sales reps, respond quickly to buyers and focus on the right opportunities.

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Selligent is a B2C marketing automation platform that helps you build relationships with your customers across different channels. The software utilizes AI and machine learning to improve the customer experience by optimizing your content and the buyer journey. This helps make every interaction with your audience more meaningful.

Every time a customer or lead clicks on a link on your website or in an email, that information is captured and added to that person’s Selligent profile. This information will make it easier for you to personalize your content to each customer based on their relationship with your company.


Introhive creates relationship maps for your current business contacts. It will help you strengthen customer relationships, automate CRM entries and give your business better sales insights.

Whenever you or one of your employees is getting ready to head into a sales meeting, you’ll receive a custom email report from Introhive. The report will contain information regarding any recent news about that company, notes about recent meetings and relationship insights.

Plus, Introhive will help you identify new potential relationships across your business network. This will help you identify new opportunities to build relationships and grow your existing network.

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