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An email signature can make or break your credibility to your customers, vendors, and stakeholders. Include your contact info, employ trackable links, and use a good layout. — Getty Images/shapecharge

An email signature can enhance your credibility and improve conversion rates. Here are the biggest things to include and avoid in your email signature.

Over 347 billion emails are sent daily, and this number is projected to reach 376 billion by 2025. But 85% of all emails end up in the spam folder, so it’s important to understand the elements that comprise an effective email. The easiest way to set your email apart from other emails your contacts are receiving is by improving your email signature.

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Why does your email signature matter?

Many people overlook their email signature, but it’s an excellent way to make a positive impression on the person you’re contacting. An email signature automatically makes your email more trustworthy, especially if it includes a photo.

An email signature lets the recipient know who you are, what you do, and how they can get in touch with you. And if you’re emailing a client or vendor, it automatically makes you look more professional.

Adding your company logo to your email signature can make it a good branding tool for your business. Additionally, including links to your website and social media channels can bring in new leads and followers.

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If you include links in your email signature, make those links trackable so you can see who is clicking on them.

What to include in your email signature

Below are four things to include in your email signature.

Your contact info

Your first and last name should always be the first line in your email signature. That way, the recipient immediately knows who the email is from. You should also include your secondary contact information, like your phone number or a link to your website.

Including links to your social media profiles helps to build your brand and gain more followers. Use social media icons instead of links, since these are more easily identifiable and won’t clutter your email signature.

Use trackable links

If you include links in your email signature, make those links trackable so you can see who is clicking on them. Including UTM codes in your links helps you see where your traffic is coming from and determine the return on investment of your email signature. Periodically change the format of your email signature to see if that makes a difference.

Use a good layout

The right layout sets your email signature apart and ensures it’s easy to read and that it contains all the necessary information. Include dividers to keep your email signature organized and break up different types of information.

Over 80% of all emails are read on mobile devices, so it’s a good idea to find a mobile-optimized layout. And check the font size to verify that it’s easy to read on mobile phones.

Update your email signature regularly

Your business will change over time, so it’s necessary to regularly update your email signature. You don’t want a potential client to click one of the links in your email signature only to discover it doesn’t work. Ensure your contact information is always up to date and that your signature matches your company’s brand.

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Email signature mistakes to avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when creating your email signature:

  • Script fonts: The font you choose determines whether or not your email signature will be viewed as professional. Avoid using script fonts that are hard to read at any size.
  • Too many links: Be strategic about the links you include — overdoing it makes your email signature look cluttered. And only include links to social media channels where you’re active.
  • Quotes: Don’t include a quote in your email signature, even if you think it’s inspiring. Motivational quotes aren’t professional. Furthermore, everyone has different values, so your quote may offend some people.
  • Unnecessary images: When done correctly, images can be useful and help put a face to an email. But images also impact the loading speeds and don’t always download correctly.

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