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From tutoring to gardening, there are many needs within the current job market that ambitious moneymakers can meet. — Getty Images/dualstock

Launching your own business doesn’t have to mean quitting your day job. If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneur bug, here are 10 viable businesses you can manage part time.

1. Flea market vendor

If you like meeting people and have some spare time on weekends, set up a booth at a local flea market. With over 1,100 established flea market venues to choose from, you can get into this $30 billion dollar business for a very small investment.

Check out local markets to get their flavor. Who’s shopping and what’s selling? Talk to the vendors to find what days are the busiest. You might start by selling your own used items or find a wholesale supplier.

2. Tour guide

Nearly every locale has something special to offer. Determine what’s interesting in your neighborhood and offer guided tours. Did a big news event occur in your backyard? Did a famous performer grow up nearby? If there are five art museums in your area, give a fine arts tour.

Decide what your focus will be and set up a website. Contact hotels, restaurants and owners of vacation rentals in the area about offering a discount to their guests. Connecting with a tour guide network will also help you find clients.

3. House sitter

If you’re willing to change up your nightly commute, consider opening a house sitting business. Some clients will pay you to spend the night. Others just want you to stop by daily to tackle various tasks like watering the plants, making sure the furnace hasn’t quit and picking up any unexpected packages.

Since the services you offer are up to you, you can work around your full-time job. There are websites you can use to help find clients, too.

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4. Tutor

For those who excel at specific subjects — i.e., math, accounting, Spanish, cello — opening a tutoring business is a natural. Don’t overlook your hobbies, either. You can also find students for sewing, jewelry making, baking or basket weaving. And, as the tutor, you set the curriculum and the class schedule.

Tutors instruct students online and in person. Creating a professional website and a compelling Facebook page are the keys to successful marketing.

5. Furniture refinisher

Start your furniture refinishing venture by flipping your own pieces that you collect on the curb, at garage sales or on Craigslist. Repair, refinish, reupholster and then resell. As you go, you’ll improve your skills and find opportunities to do the same work for others.

You will be saving items from the landfill and earning money. There are also franchise opportunities if you eventually want to take the business full time.

For those who excel at specific subjects — i.e., math, accounting, Spanish, cello — opening a tutoring business is a natural.

6. Gardener

Whether growing flowers or vegetables, maintaining a garden is work that some people love to do themselves, but others just prefer enjoying the grown product. If you have a green thumb, your gardening business can step in and help.

To be on the cutting edge, offer vertical gardening. It’s trending and beautiful and it turns gardening into a year round occupation. For additional information, the National Gardening Association is a great resource.

7. Auto detailer

According to the American Automobile Association, the average American spends nearly five hours per week in a car. The time spent cleaning those vehicles, however, is probably a little less impressive. That’s why an auto detail business is a great part time opportunity.

In addition to washing and vacuuming, auto detailers deodorize, repair scratches, replace windshield wipers and refurbish headlights. There are franchise opportunities available for this venture, as well.

8. Camping facilitator

Camping is an activity that requires a lot of planning, equipment and effort. By opening a camp set up business, you can cover all of those bases for your clients, ensuring that their camping experiences are all about nature and positive experience instead of spending an hour pitching tents.

Bicyclists, motorcyclists and rental car drivers are prime candidates for this service, as are families with young children. Offer to reserve, set up and breakdown the site with equipment you provide.

9. Street fair vendor

Like flea market vending, most street fairs happen on weekends and selling at them is a perfect part-time opportunity. Attendees are out to have fun, so be sure to factor that into your plan. Do some research online for fairs in your area and visit a few to see what vendors are offering.

Whether you craft balloon animals or sell restructured tee shirts, street fairs are a great way to get in front of customers without tying yourself to a storefront or subjecting yourself to a crushing advertising budget.

10. Pet sitter

Similar to house sitting, taking care of people’s pets is a job you can schedule around your full-time job.

Pet owners are looking for trustworthiness and dependability. If you provide that, happy customers will be your best brand ambassadors. To get started, consider signing up with a booking site . If you prefer a turnkey business, consider a pet sitting franchise.

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