Headshot of April Centrone, founder of 10PRL.
April Centrone, owner of 10PRL, launched her event space with the goal to celebrate creative self-expression and inclusivity. — 10PRL

Musician April Centrone believes in the power of creative expression. In her world travels as a musician, Centrone “always resonated to the artist-owned industrial art spaces.” When she returned to the Jersey Shore in 2016 from her time studying in NYC and traveling overseas, Centrone wanted to create a space that fostered this vision of self-expression. She opened up 10PRL and centered it around diversity and inclusion.

“10PRL is the Jersey Shore destination for professional film studios and industrial-chic event space,” Centrone explained. “The 6,500-square-foot sunny second-floor loft brings a taste of Manhattan to central NJ… with full light grid, dance studio, dressing room and lounge.”

Laying the foundation for diverse, inclusive creative expression

10PRL is an event and studio space that supports unique, diverse organizations and individual voices. Centrone is proud to offer this space 24/7 for performers and artists of all races, gender orientations and backgrounds. She credits her time overseas and in NYC, where she frequented artist-owned industrial art spaces, for inspiration to create 10PRL.

“I felt safe in these spaces as both an Arabic music artist and a person belonging to the LGBTQ+ community,” Centrone said. “I wanted to bring this experience and community space to the Jersey Shore, in the heart of the arts scene.”

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My best advice is to prepare yourself, be steadfast in your rates and rules, allow the internal storms to pass and trust the beautiful system you have created around your passion.

April Centrone, founder, 10PRL

Pivoting and finding creative freedom during the pandemic

With the option for large gatherings rendered obsolete and the performing arts industry hard hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, Centrone decided to utilize 10PRL’s large space for other offers.

“When community arts events and private events quieted down, we boosted our efforts to provide filmmaking and photography opportunities for everyone from music bands and producers to major commercial clients, such as Nike, PBS and Discovery Education,” she said.

Centrone and her wife also used their own creative expression to form a production company, where they began producing, directing, shooting and editing their own projects, she explained.

Centrone stated she “could not have imagined the challenges that were to come” as two married women in business, especially since her wife is a person of color. She pulled from experience to bring advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

“My best advice is to prepare yourself, be steadfast in your rates and rules, allow the internal storms to pass and trust the beautiful system you have created around your passion,” Centrone said.

Seeing the changes 10PRL has had to go through over the past year, Centrone notes it’s important not to be too rigid when planning the future of your business.

“As the pandemic has reminded us, being steadfast and being stubborn are two different matters,” she said. “Sense the flow, the change in times, and be open-minded to pivoting when necessary.”

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