Kara Freedman, founder of Baked by Nature, pulling fruit from a tree.
Kara Freedman launched Baked by Nature during the COVID-19 pandemic, and she found that following her passion helped her find strength and cope with the uncertainty in the world. — Baked by Nature

Kara Freedman has always been inspired by her grandfather, a true hero and the picture of health and strength. After escaping the Holocaust, he was drafted to fight for the U.S. Army in World War II, during which he received a Purple Heart after being wounded while serving.

Freedman remembers her grandfather placing an emphasis on wellness throughout his 99 years of life, and when he passed away last year, she wanted to honor his values by launching a healthy food brand, Baked By Nature.

Baked by Nature sells natural, wholesome oat bites that are full of healthy ingredients and free of added sugars and preservatives. The brand prioritizes taste without compromising wellness, and values transparency with their customers. Freedman ensures buyers know exactly what is in their food, because there are no harmful ingredients to hide.

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Freedman began perfecting her oat recipe in early 2020 and has been selling online since March — when stay-at-home orders first went into effect across much of the country. A few months later, Baked by Nature was approved to sell in farmers markets, since they’re outdoors and have open air.

[Being able to] focus on something and work toward something while in quarantine has been very positive.

Kara Freedman, founder, Baked by Nature

However, the virtual marketing and selling process hasn't been easy for this brand-new business starting in the middle of a global pandemic. Since Freedman was starting a business from scratch, she didn’t have a team of loyal customers backing her yet.

"I was not able to have anyone taste my product, making explaining or selling it hard!" said Freedman. "I continue to utilize social media, as the uptick in traffic on social platform use during the pandemic is tremendous."

Got down time during COVID? Focus on your passions

Freedman has found that building her business has been a tremendous source of strength during COVID. Focusing on your passions is a healthy and productive way to cope with uncertainty and overcome stagnation. Even many existing business owners have used this time to rebuild their brand or shift their offerings.

"[Being able to] focus on something and work toward something while in quarantine has been very positive," she said, recommending other entrepreneurs do the same.

If you’re experiencing downtime in your business because of COVID-19 restrictions, you might as well take advantage of it. For entrepreneurs, this can be done through networking and business planning, or even just by simple brainstorming business ideas. Whatever gets the ball rolling is a step in the right direction.

"Take small steps, join entrepreneur Facebook groups, hear others' stories and get inspired!" said Freedman.

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