Headshot of Melissa Boloña, founder of Beauty and the Broth.
Melissa Boloña, founder of Beauty & the Broth, traded in a modeling and acting career for a health and wellness entrepreneurial venture. — Beauty and the Broth

Hollywood actress and model Melissa Boloña knew she could change the game of the beauty industry with the one trick she knew worked for her: bone broth concentrate.

After talking to her sister about her wellness routine, Boloña began experimenting with drinking different types of bone broth that she said brought on stronger gut health, fewer cravings and glowing skin.

When she couldn’t find enough tasty options, she decided to take matters into her own hands by perfecting bone broth recipes in her kitchen. She spent six months testing different amounts of bones, vegetables and herbs to create a delicious and nutritious beauty elixir.

Her efforts paid off. The result? The creation of Beauty & the Broth, an ingestible beauty company that offers USDA organic, convenient and customizable broths that "effortlessly integrate into the active professional’s on-the-go lifestyle,” explained Boloña.

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Drawing on the past to build a future in health and wellness

Boloña knows the pressures of maintaining youth and beauty in the entertainment industry. Her past experience inspired her to look for a fresh way to feel beautiful.

“Beauty was always something important to me, coming from a career where you have to stay youthful-looking,” she told CO—. “Seeing the things I would eat on set, and learning how better to deal with cravings and more has all led me to this very moment.”

She credits bone broth with assisting her in gaining traction in the wellness industry, all while helping herself in the process.

“Bone broth [has been] a lifesaver!” she said. “I learned about [health and wellness] while simultaneously creating this company and seeking a lifestyle overhaul.”

We have grown our business all through the powers of social media. It has been a remarkable journey to see how small businesses grow every single day.

Melissa Boloña, founder

Social media helped propel business growth during COVID-19

Growing her business during the pandemic hasn’t been easy. However, Boloña credits social media outreach for the ability to reach as many people as possible with her bone broth creations.

“We have grown our business all through the powers of social media,” she explained. “It has been a remarkable journey to see how small businesses grow every single day.”

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Despite the challenges of the past year, Boloña only sees growth in Beauty & the Broth’s future.

“We are planning on launching a vegan broth in the next month,” she said. “We are also going to move to small strategic retail locations. Eventually, we will hold broth tastings as well when we are in a safe environment to do so!”

Boloña has a message for entrepreneurs who are shifting towards a new industry and aspiring to make a name for themselves: The sky’s the limit with the “wealth of knowledge” given to us in this digital age.

“I think a lot of people get scared to not break their own molds and barriers in fear of failure or not knowing everything there is to know,” she explained. “The world is our oyster. You have one life, live it with no regrets — what is the worst thing that can happen if you follow your dreams?”

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