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Sometimes all a budding entrepreneur needs is some words of wisdom from others who have been there. — Getty Images

“Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”

“All I ask is that today you do the best work of your entire life.”

Yep, Steve Jobs sure had a way with words. But he — along with other well-known business leaders, past and present — isn’t the only one with words of wisdom to offer today’s aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals. Here are 10 more quotations from business owners that will make you want to take on the world.

Katia Beauchamp, CEO of Birchbox

“Start. Spend less time perfecting Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoints, and more time getting into the market with some fraction of your vision.”

Find out what Katia has to say about tuning into your customers’ needs.

Brian Scudamore, founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?

“We, as entrepreneurs, fail when we put ego in front of anything.”

And here’s what Brian thinks about “letting go.”

Amy Errett, founder of Madison Reed

“As people contemplate becoming entrepreneurs, the number one characteristic I look for is resilience. It’s not about ‘not’ making mistakes. It’s all about making mistakes. If you pay attention to them, and see them as growth opportunities, that is how life changes quickly.”

Find out what Amy has to say about conducting market research for your business.

Ali O’Grady, founder of Thoughtful Human

“There's also a lot to be said about just walking the walk. So many people will naysay ideas and understandably so — many of them never come to fruition. So, talk less and walk more — let them criticize your empire when you're done building it.”

Hear what Ali has to say about trusting your instincts.

Maria Rios, CEO of Nation Waste

“Don't judge yourself by others' standards. If you operate like this, you are living your life for others, not for you.”

Read Maria’s advice on being yourself in any work environment.

Alexa von Tobel, founder of LearnVest

"Delegating really is a critical skill. You have to be able to let things go, but you have to be really clear what you want people to accomplish.”

Here’s Alexa’s advice on how to market a new business venture.

Sarah LaFleur, CEO of MM.LaFleur

“You can’t get anything done in three months. Our short attention spans want things immediately. It takes time and nurturing.”

Read Sarah’s thoughts on another common entrepreneurial struggle: the side hustle.

Annie Eaton, CEO of Futurus

“I realize now that when things are comfortable, that’s the time to make the biggest moves, not take the biggest breaks.”

Read what Annie has to say about “riding the wave” of success.

Lawson Gow, founder of The Cannon

“You can’t play every instrument; you have to be the conductor leading the orchestra.”

Here’s what Lawson thinks is the most important part of launching a new venture.

Elan Lee, creator of Exploding Kittens

“Everything must be a celebration of the community. They are the first people to trust you, to try your product, invest in your success.”

Read Elan’s advice on funding a new business.

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