Headshot of Beeing2gether founder Keith Griffith III.
Keith Griffith III, owner of Beeing2gether, started his business as a way of combining his passions for beekeeping and mental health. — Beeing2gether

From a young age, 14-year-old Keith Griffith III learned the importance of mental health. After enduring some mental health challenges of his own as a child, he sought out a hobby to do something positive while staying mentally healthy.

Griffith soon developed a passion for beekeeping and honey bee preservation, which led to the creation of Beeing2gether. In 2022, the Louisville, Kentucky-based business was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award at The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Dream Big Awards, in part because of how Griffith has managed to launch several successful revenue streams.

Diversifying business revenue streams

On his company’s website, Griffith advertises numerous offerings, including raw honey, apparel, lip balms, and even beehives for local backyard beekeepers. Customers have the opportunity to receive both a hive inspection and maintenance services from Griffith. This helps others in his community build a passion for beekeeping and use it as a creative outlet.

“I got into backyard beekeeping because I had a person actually message me [to ask] if I sell beehives and [could place] them in their backyard, and I [hadn’t done that] yet,” Griffith said.

The young entrepreneur has had other ideas come from friends inquiring about products. As of right now, he sells a variety of branded items, from backpacks and water bottles to one of his most popular products, honey. He has partnered with many local businesses that distribute his company’s honey in stores or cafés.

“My supporters helped out in a big way, so I'm thankful for that,” Griffith told CO—.

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Griffith was named U.S. Chamber of Commerce Dream Big Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

The goal of an entrepreneur is to find a problem and solve it, and my business is solving two problems, which are mental health awareness and honey bee preservation.

Keith Griffith III, Owner, Beeing2gether

Aligning your business with important causes

In addition to selling bee and honey-related products, Griffith uses his business’s website to demonstrate his commitment to advocacy for both honey bee education and mental health awareness. In 2019, Griffith published a book entitled “Honey Bees and Beekeeping: A Mental Health Miracle,” which teaches readers how connecting with nature can be one of the best methods for boosting their mental health.

Visitors to the Beeing2gether homepage are invited to contact the business and are also directed to a mental health hotline, if needed. Beeing2gether also encourages visitors to “[work] together as a unit…to help generate a mental health miracle” — not unlike the honey bees Griffith’s business cultivates.

“You are seen,” the website reads. “You are enough. You are not alone. I am with you. You matter. Always remember, we’re better off Beeing2gether.”

As for the future of his business, he will continue to diversify his revenue stream with some exciting new developments.

“I'm [going to] start trying to [post on] YouTube,” he said. “I plan to do little vlogs just to show [how to do] beekeeping.”

He also hopes to one day open a brick-and-mortar store to sell his products and expand awareness for Beeing2gether’s mission within the local community.

“The goal of an entrepreneur is to find a problem and solve it, and my business is solving two problems, which are mental health awareness and honey bee preservation,” Griffith said “I'm just spreading awareness about the bees.”

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