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Attracting first-time customers is one thing. Retaining a loyal customer base is a challenge all its own. — Getty Images/Chaay_Tee

If you want to create predictable revenue and continue to grow your business, then you should start by improving customer loyalty. That’s because boosting your customer retention rates by just 5% could increase your revenue by as much as 25%–125%. The following six tools will help you improve customer loyalty.

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WalkMe helps you onboard your customers and create a positive customer experience from the first moments they sign up. The software is used and trusted by top companies like PayPal, Microsoft and Cisco.

WalkMe helps you create a smooth onboarding experience so your customers understand how to best utilize your product or service. This is essential for creating long-term customer loyalty.

By utilizing WalkMe’s customer success program, you can create a plan that is personalized to the diverse needs of your customers. This will help you reduce customer churn and create a better experience for all of your customers.


Woopra helps businesses improve loyalty with their end-to-end customer analytics platform. The insights you gain by using Woopra will help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your business.

Woopra provides analytics across three main touchpoints: the customer journey, business trends and customer retention. This information will help you uncover hidden roadblocks that are impacting customer satisfaction and figure out where you lose customers during onboarding.

The software will also help you identify trends that are impacting business performance. And you can measure how engaged your customers are over time, as well as identify opportunities to boost customer retention.


SendGrid helps you design, automate and measure your email marketing efforts. Users with any level of tech-savviness or design skill can use the software to create visually appealing emails thanks to the drag-and-drop features. You can also access and edit HTML for a more customized approach.

With SendGrid, you can take a holistic approach to your email marketing campaigns. The software can help you create sign-up forms, capture new leads and create and schedule drip campaigns.

Plus, you can monitor all of your campaigns to see what your customers engage with. SendGrid makes it easy to A/B test emails and subject lines and monitor the performance of every email you send.

You know you need customer testimonials, but it’s easy to forget to ask for them.


You know you need customer testimonials, but it’s easy to forget to ask for them, and even if you do ask, it’s hard to know how to best utilize them. That is the problem Spectoos helps you avoid.

When you sign up for Spectoos, you’ll create a request form that you can send to receive authenticated customer testimonials. You can then use the software to create a fully customized, SEO-optimized page of testimonials.

Best of all, you can monitor your customer testimonials with the Spectoos dashboard. The dashboard will show you your total views and the click through rate for each testimonial.


Motivforce is one of the best platforms for building a business-to-business loyalty and incentive program. The service is perfect for B2B companies that want to start a customer loyalty program but have no idea where to begin.

The Motivforce team will design and strategize every aspect of your new loyalty plan and work with you closely to bring your vision to life. You can choose from a wide variety of options depending on your budget.

Once your program is open for enrollment, Motivforce will closely monitor customer behavior and the effectiveness of the sales process. That way, you can continue to make improvements and boost your return on investment over time.


You’ll need to be ready when, not if, one of your customers has a disappointing experience with your company. The best way to find out about and address such an issue is by using Rankur's suite of reputation management and social media listening software.

Rankur tracks how customers are talking about your business online and on social media by monitoring mentions of your company in the news, blog posts and online reviews. The tools will track any mentions of your business or personal brand and send you regular online reputation alerts. That way, if your business receives any negative attention you can handle it immediately and resolve the issue immediately.

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