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Regardless of your graphic design experience, there are many new AI tools designed for beginners and experts to help you optimize your branding. — Getty Images/FluxFactory

Marketing strategies depend on great design and stunning visuals to be successful. However, developing that content can be resource intensive. More than 20% of businesses surveyed said that the time it takes to get a design completed is their biggest pain point.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help optimize the design process and create better graphics — and even generate photos — faster than it takes to find and hire a design team or freelancer. And if you already have a designer on staff, AI can help that person create custom color palettes, edit photos, and develop graphics faster. Try these AI tools to improve your design process and generate attention-grabbing images for your business.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is currently in beta, but it provides AI for graphic designers to create images, transform text, and play with color using simple text prompts. People who use Adobe products, like Photoshop and Express, can access Firefly within the platform to take on some of the time-consuming, manual aspects of design. For instance, in Photoshop, designers can use Firefly’s Generative Fill command to add, extend, or remove content from any image. The goal of Adobe Firefly is to enhance the creative process rather than replace designers altogether.

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If Adobe Firefly is for design professionals, Uizard is at the other end of the spectrum — AI for those with no design experience. However, Uizard focuses less on marketing and more on product design. It can help you translate a sketch on the back of a napkin into a presentation-ready product mock-up. Uizard is a great resource for startups seeking to create a landing page, app, wireframe, or any other user interface/user experience. If you’re looking to do creative work (e.g., a logo, an image for social media, or infographic), this is not the right tool.


You may have heard of Midjourney in the media, as this AI image generator has made waves for its ability to produce realistic images from almost any prompt. It’s hosted on Discord, which means using Midjourney requires creating an account there first. Once you’re signed in, the Midjourney bot will use your text prompts to create images and graphics for personal and professional use. Some images look hyperreal, while others can be slightly chaotic — it could take a few tries to get the images you need to look perfect.

More than 20% of businesses surveyed said that the time it takes to get a design completed is their biggest pain point.


Khroma deploys AI to help users find color palettes for their next design project. “By choosing a set of colors, you'll train a neural network-powered algorithm to generate colors you like and block ones you don’t, right in your browser,” explained Khroma. To get started, the tool will ask you to choose 50 colors with different saturations, hues, and values. Along the way, the tool will prompt you to pick a variety to give it enough training data. Then Khroma’s AI will create a series of color combinations for you — all for free. It’s perfect for businesses that are branding (or rebranding) or looking for inspiration.

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Google’s AutoDraw uses AI to turn your doodles into refined illustrations. This free tool starts with a blank page on which you can use your mouse to create a rough sketch. The AI deciphers what you’re trying to create and turns it into a graphic image. For instance, a stick figure can be turned into a person playing basketball or practicing yoga. From there, you can use basic tools to color, shade, and refine the image with text. This could be a good platform for generating a logo or icons for a presentation.

Topaz Photo AI

Photography hobbyists and businesses alike can get a lot out of Topaz Photo AI. This app uses AI to remove noise, correct an image’s focus, and increase the pixel count so you can enlarge images without losing clarity. It saves having to buy fancy camera equipment and can help you create sharp, professional-looking images from those you already have saved in your library. This app is one of the pricier AI tools on this list yet is affordable compared to the cost of having a professional photographer take or edit your images.

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