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Whether you lack the time or are struggling to write an attention-grabbing product description, there are multiple AI tools, including some that are free, that are a click away. — Getty Images/mapodile

Product descriptions — text that describes an item, its use, and key information like size and material — give your customers critical information they need to make a purchase. Product descriptions can not only boost sales but also improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). They also differentiate your small business from its competitors.

Writing product descriptions is often time-consuming and repetitive, making it the perfect task for artificial intelligence (AI). These tools can help by generating product descriptions that you can then tailor to your unique brand voice.

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Jasper AI

Jasper is a popular AI content generator that offers specific templates for product descriptions. Once you sign up for Jasper, you can access a template with fields for the product name, a brief product description, and the tone of voice you want to use (e.g., witty or professional). Jasper’s AI will create a few descriptions of different lengths that you can use on your website or e-commerce platform. It’s up to you to make sure the information is accurate and to add any keywords you’re targeting for SEO purposes. Jasper's pricing starts at $39 per month.


Ahrefs is known for its SEO products, but it also offers a free product description generator powered by AI. Simply choose a language from dozens of options, type some product details into the description box, and select the tone and length that you’d like the description to be. Ahrefs will instantly create a result for you. And if you need multiple descriptions of the same product (for emails, a product page, or social media, for instance), you can ask the tool to make “more like this.” Ahrefs’ AI product description generator is free.

These tools can help by generating product descriptions that you can then tailor to your unique brand voice.

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI is one of the more advanced tools on this list, as it enables you to write product descriptions in bulk, saving tons of time and effort. Start by importing product attributes or manufacturer descriptions from a CSV file or your content management system. Hypotenuse’s AI will then generate product descriptions, including SEO keywords. You can select the tone to match your unique brand voice and edit within the platform using an organized workflow that keeps everything as streamlined as possible. Then, Hypotenuse can sync with your e-commerce platform to get your product descriptions updated quickly. Pricing starts at $15 per month.


GetGenie is a great option for business owners who use WooCommerce to sell products. Like other tools on this list, it will ask for input, including a product title or name and brief description. However, GetGenie also includes space to add SEO keywords so you can maximize the value of an AI-generated product description. You can then select the language, tone, and the number of descriptions you need. Once you make the updates you need, you can publish the AI-generated result right to your WooCommerce page. GetGenie is a WordPress integration. Pricing is free for 2,500 AI words per month.

Shopify Magic

Merchants who sell on Shopify can take advantage of the platform’s native AI tool Shopify Magic. Shopify Magic is equipped to handle a range of tasks within the e-commerce platform, including marketing, customer support, and back-office management. For product descriptions, you’ll need to provide a product title and keywords. The AI tool will then generate a suggested product description. Shopify Magic can be found in your Shopify admin dashboard under “Products.” Shopify Magic tools are free for all Shopify merchants, regardless of your subscription plan.


Frase.io doesn’t offer a unique tool for writing product descriptions, but it focuses on writing for better SEO results, making it a great option for taking on this task. The Frase.io content writer creates copy that is inspired by search results for your query or product name. There’s a learning curve to using this tool — you’ll need to teach it to do research, analyze the results, and write the text you need — but it can help you outrank your competitors and get your products in front of users with high purchase intent. Pricing for Frase.io starts at $15 permonth.

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