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A well-scripted and well-shot video is a perfect vehicle for telling a story about your business or product. — Getty Images/mphillips007

During the COVID-19 pandemic, homebound consumers have been watching more online video content than ever. In fact, according to HubSpot, 54% of consumers want even more video from the businesses they support, and marketers are willing to oblige: Among the 60% of marketers whose video marketing budgets were impacted by the pandemic, 7 in 10 increased their spending in 2021.

While there are plenty of opportunities to leverage short-form video on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, businesses can also reap the benefits of this growing demand for visual content by embedding videos on their website.

Here are five unique and clever ways to use video on your company’s website.

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Use a homepage background video

A customer’s impression of your landing page can determine whether they accept your business or leave for another. One way to keep customers on your site is by embedding a background video. The video can take up the entire page or just a fraction of it (e.g., limited to the navigation space), but its purpose is to get attention in a way a static image cannot.

Your video, a loop of 10 seconds or less, should be a vicarious experience with your business. For example, a fitness business may benefit from showing active customers and the lifestyle improvements that result.

To make sure your video does not compete with text, you can use an overlay to make the video darker or lighter to allow text to stand out, or add brand-specific color.

EXAMPLE: Purple’s looped video of its unique grid-pattern mattress

Develop an explainer video

Explainer videos deliver targeted, concise information that lets customers know why a business is relevant. Good explainer videos have a strong script that is tailored to its intended audience, explaining why and how your business offers a convenient solution to a prospective customer’s problem.

Make sure to give a digestible overview of your product or service, identify the problem, demonstrate your unique solution and support your results with evidence customers trust. Avoid jargon and add light humor if appropriate.

To get to your desired outcome, add a call to action near the end of your video, recommending a click for more information or a sign-up.

EXAMPLE: Spotify’s montage video showcasing its product personalization

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To keep a testimonial video relevant and believable, make sure it identifies a clear problem and solution.

Create product videos

Customers like to know what to expect before they buy, and product videos weigh heavily in their decisions. In fact, 96% of surveyed consumers said they find video helpful, with 73% more likely to purchase after watching a video about a product.

Creating useful product videos depends on where customers are accessing them. On your website, customers likely have familiarity with your product and may be ready for purchase, so consider a detailed video here. However, on social media, video may be the first way a potential customer sees your product.

EXAMPLE: Nike’s video about the “Nike Free” shoe design

Ask customers to record video testimonials

Written reviews affect customers, but video that shows the humans behind the words evokes a deeper connection. Emotions are contagious and, by watching a person tell a story about how a product or service helped them address a real-life problem, customers are more likely to believe the story can be theirs, too.

To keep a testimonial video relevant and believable, make sure it identifies a clear problem and solution—something learned, improved or satisfied because of what the business provided. The solution should not be completely life-altering; it should be something that can happen to a variety of customers.

EXAMPLE: Marriott’s testimonial video for Salesforce

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Demonstrate services via video

A video demonstrating services is another way to make your business more human. For digital services, video is especially helpful because it gives customers a trial interaction with relatable explanation—what it does, why it is needed and why it works.

Brief explanatory videos can build confidence in customers engaging in services that require some preparation or unfamiliarity, and they can allay customer worries for services that involve long-term or large-scale change, like home improvement or cleaning. By condensing the highlights of a longer process into a short clip, you’ll make the process seem less intimidating to consumers.

EXAMPLE: Stitch Fix’s personal stylist service explainer video

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