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Some CRM email marketing services cater directly to artists, writers, and other creators by offering subscription and sales features along with the usual marketing plans. — Getty Images/Ivan Pantic

A customer relationship management (CRM) platform is essential for small businesses, but many lack advanced tools that help sales and marketing teams send personalized emails to hundreds of contacts. The best CRM email marketing software provides customizable newsletter and email templates, drag-and-drop email editors, and workflow automation tools.

Your team can securely automate marketing campaigns and store customer data with an email marketing CRM. Several email CRM platforms offer a free plan, and paid subscriptions range from $6 to $149 for 500 contacts. Explore CRM and email marketing tools that will improve customer relationships while supporting your lead-generation efforts.

ConvertKit: Best CRM email marketing service for creators

ConvertKit caters to coaches, authors, and artists. It's free for up to 1,000 subscribers. You can send unlimited email marketing campaigns, sell digital products, set up tip jars, or establish recurring subscriptions. Paid subscriptions start at $15 monthly for 300 subscribers. With a paid plan, you get email automation capabilities and additional marketing tools.

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Constant Contact: best email marketing tools for integrations

Constant Contact integrates with over 300 apps, including Canva, Salesforce, e-commerce sites, and social media platforms. Integrations come with all three service plans. Prices range from $12 to $80 monthly for 500 contacts and 50,000 email sends. The service has a 60-day free trial and gives up to 15% off with annual prepayment.

This email marketing software provider recommends its Standard package ($35) because it includes email and social media marketing channels, an AI content generator, and customer segmentation. You can design targeted campaigns using hundreds of drag-and-drop email templates and customizable layouts. The Standard package also has landing page builders and event management features.

Mailerlite: free, unlimited, automated email sequences

Small businesses can automate email marketing campaigns with Mailerlite's free plan or pick a paid version to sell digital products. The email marketing automation features include unlimited automated email sequences, an email automation builder with up to 100 steps, and templates. Monthly pricing ranges from $10 to $20 for 500 contacts and unlimited emails. You can save 10% with annual billing and start with a 30-day free trial.

Mailerlite also lets you build websites and landing pages. With e-commerce integrations, you can send abandoned cart emails or trigger messages based on purchases. In addition, the CRM and email marketing automation platform connects to Stripe, ideal for companies wanting to generate passive income through their email marketing efforts.

Campaign Monitor: optional pay-per-campaign pricing

Small sales and marketing teams can use Campaign Monitor's pay-per-campaign billing. It costs $5 per email marketing campaign and $0.01 per recipient, great for small businesses or seasonal companies that want to avoid paying a monthly fee to implement their marketing strategy. In addition, Campaign Monitor has three subscription plans, and pricing starts at $11 monthly for 500 contacts. Pay-per-campaign and subscription options offer several email marketing features, including customer segmentation tools, email templates, and marketing automation.

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Brevo: for B2B sales reps needing unlimited contacts

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) allows unlimited contacts with all subscriptions, including the free plan, perfect for business-to-business sales teams with multiple corporate connections. It features over 40 email templates, CRM and marketing automation for 2,000 contacts, and advanced customer segmentation. You can send 300 emails daily with the free plan. Brevo's paid subscriptions start at $20 monthly for 20,000 email sends, and you receive a 10% discount with annual billing.

Aside from offering the best email marketing services for B2B sales teams, Brevo provides a free sales CRM for lead management and sales automation. It lets you store notes and files alongside contact details, customize your marketing and sales funnel, and assess customer lifetime value. The email marketing platform also offers prepaid SMS and WhatsApp credits.

Your team can securely automate marketing campaigns and store customer data with an email marketing CRM.

Copper: best CRM with email marketing for Gmail users

Copper's intuitive Google Workspace integration makes it the best CRM with email marketing for Gmail users. It syncs seamlessly to Google Calendar, Drive, Contact, Sheets, and Data Studio. Copper's email CRM features let you send bulk emails, segment audiences, and create drip marketing campaigns. Its sales automation capabilities allow you to streamline sales and marketing processes.

Since Copper is a sales CRM platform, it has a few features that other email marketing tools lack, like task management and team collaboration capabilities. Plus, the software offers email templates and lead management tools. Pricing ranges from $29 to $134 monthly per user for 2,500 to unlimited contacts. You can save up to $420 with annual billing.

Omnisend: SMS and email marketing capabilities

Omnisend is an excellent text and email marketing tool for small businesses because it comes with 60 complimentary SMS messages monthly, even on the free plan. This robust email marketing automation platform has customizable email templates, SMS and email opt-in pages, and many workflow automation features for e-commerce, SMS, and email marketing. You can store contact data for unlimited leads and reach up to 250 contacts on the free plan by sending 500 emails monthly. Paid subscriptions start at $16 monthly for 500 contacts and 6,000 email sends.

Zoho Campaigns: an inexpensive email marketing automation platform

Zoho Campaigns' most expensive service plan costs $6 monthly for 500 contacts and unlimited emails, making it the cheapest paid email marketing CRM software. You can save up to 25% with annual prepayment. The free plan limits users to 6,000 monthly email sends and 2,000 contacts. Email marketing automation tools include basic and advanced workflow automation with a drag-and-drop interface and templates.

You can use email scheduling, A/B testing, and customer segmentation tools. All subscriptions (even the free version) go through a compliance check. Besides automated email campaigns, Zoho Campaigns supports your e-commerce sales and marketing processes with automatic abandoned cart emails and AI-based product recommendations. Alternatively, Zoho CRM is a CRM with email marketing automation features. It provides additional lead-generation capabilities and customer insights.

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Mailchimp: for multi-point email marketing campaigns

Mailchimp's customer journey builder and email marketing automation tools let you develop personalized email campaigns using customer data or select pre-built journeys. The visual editor supports multiple starting and branching points. Small businesses can leverage dynamic content for customer segments and test up to eight email marketing campaign variations. Mailchimp costs $13 to $20 monthly for 500 contacts, 5,000 to 6,000 emails, and three to five audiences. Or you can select the free plan for up to 1,000 monthly emails.

GetResponse: for lead generation and sales CRM features

GetResponse offers four plans to improve your sales and marketing processes. All include email marketing functionality, a website builder, and lead management tools. Your sales team will appreciate the ability to segment leads by location, action, tags, or lead magnet. They can chat with prospects and build lead, webinar, and sales funnels.

GetResponse has a free plan, and pricing ranges from $19 to $119 monthly for 1,000 contacts. You can save 18% to 30% with a 12- or 24-month subscription. The paid email marketing tools include unlimited sends, an AI content generator, a visual editor, click tracking, and email scheduling.

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