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From attention-grabbing questions to tapping people's emotions, there are several ways to craft an elevator pitch when trying to generate support for your business idea. — Getty Images/Cecilie_Arcurs

So, you started a business and you’re ready to pitch it to the world. You’ll want to prepare an elevator pitch: a short, straightforward summary of who you are and what you offer.

Here are 10 types of elevator pitches to help you quickly explain your business to others, along with examples for each.

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The question

What it does: Immediately engages your audience with an attention-grabbing question.

Example: Do you find yourself dedicating too much time to your business’s social accounts, only to see minimal results? Let me take over your social accounts so you can focus on tasks you’re good at, without worrying about your social presence suffering.

The educational pitch

What it does: Educates the audience (typically using statistics), which can pique their interest

Example: According to Buffer,about 90% of marketers say social media is important to their overall marketing strategy, but most of them are spread too thin to dedicate appropriate time to their social accounts. These are types of companies I want to work with, so the owners can focus on tasks that are important to them while still improving their social media presence.

The credibility booster

What it does: Shows the audience you are a credible professional in your industry.

Example: As someone with five years of experience in social media, I decided to start my own social media marketing business to help companies that aren’t generating a loyal and engaged audience. I channel my expertise to drive the results you’re aiming for.

The short and sweet pitch

What it does: Gets straight to business without missing any important points.

Example: I run a social media marketing agency that manages your social accounts for you, so you can receive quality results without spending time on it yourself.

The twist

What it does: Offers a shocking statement or fact to leave a lasting impression.

Example: With an engaging social media presence, you can develop substantial brand awareness. But without one, your business might as well not even exist. I show clients firsthand just how successful they could be when implementing a social media strategy.

No matter what type of elevator pitch you craft, the goal should be to communicate as much relevant information about your business as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The success story

What it does: Proves that you have a reputation for success.

Example: I helped my most recent client double her following in six months and increase her engagement rates by 5%. If you’re looking to boost your numbers, consider me as your social media coordinator.

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The emotional pitch

What it does: Evokes emotion from the audience, typically through personal narrative.

Example: It wasn’t long ago that I was working in corporate as a social media coordinator, dreaming of the day I could finally pursue my passion of running my own social media marketing business. Now, I get to follow my dream of helping brands I believe in reach their full potential through the power of social media.

The head-scratcher

What it does: Makes the audience ponder a specific question or consider an alternative perspective than they originally had.

Example: Many businesses get caught up in having the most followers or earning a checkmark next to their name on social media. While that’s a great goal to have, I dig far deeper than that. My objective as a social media manager is to help businesses develop real, authentic connections with their customers, building mutual trust and respect. Are you only in it for the clout? You might want to reconsider.

The call to action

What it does: Encourages the audience to act now.

Example: I get it: You’re exhausted and frustrated. You’ve spent months — maybe even years — trying to build your social accounts, but you’re still not driving the results you want. Don’t give up just yet. As the owner of a social media marketing business, I can step in and offer my expertise to help you reach your social goals.

The one-liner

What it does: Impresses the audience with brevity and clarity.

Example: My social media marketing business helps clients develop real, lasting relationships with their customers, with curated content at an affordable price.

No matter what type of elevator pitch you craft, the goal should be to communicate as much relevant information about your business as possible in the shortest amount of time. Master this, and you’re sure to make an impression on anyone you pitch.

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