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High-quality product photos are important tools that can help sell your products online. With a few techniques and essential tools, you can take excellent photos of your products. — Getty Images/ Rawpixel

E-commerce is growing every day, and product photos are one of the main tools online shoppers use when making their decision. According to Meero, 90% of online buyers rate photo quality as the most important factor in an online sale — and why wouldn’t they? Without being able to see or touch your product, the images and description are some of the primary sources for deciding whether or not to make a purchase.

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You don’t have to be a professional photographer or have a full set of professional gear to capture enticing product photos; however, understanding a few basic techniques and having essential tools will help you take better photos for your product pages.

Optimize your lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of photography, and finding the perfect balance is key. It may take some trial and error to find the best lighting, as this varies based on the product, but it’s worth your time to experiment and make adjustments until you get it right.

In general, harness natural light if you can, and try to avoid major shadows on your product. If your natural lighting is too bright, you may have to diffuse it. If your space is dim, it’s time to use artificial lighting.

Use a white background

A white background lets you showcase your product without distractions, and it’s easy to create. Instead of simply setting your product in front of a white wall, use a photography sweep, which is a seamless background. This will help eliminate blemishes, corners and lines from your image. You can buy a white sweep on Amazon or create your own using a piece of white poster board. The idea is, your product sits on the poster board, which curves up against the surface behind the product to remove visible edges.

Tips for lifestyle backgrounds

Lifestyle backgrounds are good for showcasing your product on social media and blog posts, and they can also work for some product listings. Show how the product might actually be used. When taking lifestyle shots on a smartphone, you can use portrait mode to blur the background, which reduces distraction and keeps your product in focus.

Lifestyle backgrounds are good for showcasing your product on social media and blog posts, and they can also work for some product listings. Show how the product might actually be used.

Include multiple product angles

The most effective product listings include multiple photos that show your product from a variety of angles. For example, you might show a reusable water bottle with the lid on and off, open and closed and show the inside to give potential buyers a better understanding of the product.

Capture important details

Some products, like purses, jewelry, clothing and shoes, will benefit from close-up shots that focus on details like zippers, seamlines, handles or engravings. This type of photography might require extra equipment, like a lightbox or a macro lens.

Don’t use flash

If you’ve adjusted for natural or artificial light, you won’t need your camera’s flash setting (this goes for both smartphones and DSLR cameras). Sometimes, using a flash can overexpose the photo or impact the colors.

Use a tripod

No matter what type of camera you use, using a tripod can improve your product photos. A tripod keeps the camera completely still when shooting, which reduces blur and ensures consistency in the angles of your photos. Whether you use a smartphone or DSLR camera, there are inexpensive options to suit your needs.

Optimize images for online quality

Optimizing images for your online store requires balancing image quality with site speed since large images that load too slowly can hurt both user experience and SEO. Start with the highest quality image setting (choose the largest possible file size or use RAW format if your camera has it). Then before uploading the images to your online store, resize or compress the image without sacrificing quality.

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With a little research and some practice, you can make a great impression on consumers and have success selling your products.

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