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Influencer marketing tools allow influencers to find clients and brands that fit their audience size and content niches. — Getty Images/Tatiana Meteleva

Making money as an influencer isn’t as simple as setting up a profile and posting quality content. It’s become extremely competitive to get brands to pay for your service; marketing your social media pages and your services is now a core part of running an influencer business. If you’re ready to start monetizing your work as an influencer, these marketing tools can help you attract brands and earn income from your content.

Influencer Marketing Hub’s earning calculators

Influencer Marketing Hub offers dozens of great resources for influencers and content creators. Their earning calculators, in particular, can help you price your services appropriately to turn leads into clients. Provide a few simple details to get an estimate of how much to charge for an Instagram post, YouTube video, or TikTok. You can also determine how much to charge for an online course or for affiliate marketing.


Upfluence is a platform that connects creators with e-commerce and direct-to-consumer brands. To join their community and get discovered by brands, simply download the Upfluence Chrome browser extension — it’s free. Then, connect your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), Twitch, Pinterest, or blog through the Upfluence plugin. The platform will analyze your profile and make it appear to brands looking for influencer partnerships.


#paid is another service that links brands and influencers, but it focuses on putting the content creator in the driver’s seat. “Through creator licensing, you can create social content that a brand can use as an ad for their product,” wrote Influencer Marketing Hub. #paid also does the heavy lifting when it comes to managing business development: The #paid platform automates getting content approved, posted, and getting paid for your work. #paid guarantees payment in under 45 days for completed campaigns.


Meltwater acquired Klear in 2021 and became one of the best tools for influencers focused on building deep, long-term relationships with brands. Influencers looking to professionalize their business should consider Meltwater, where you can create a portfolio, create tailored pricing packages, capture analytics from your campaigns, and store briefs, agreements, and discount codes. Advanced analytics available to brands can make Meltwater highly competitive for content creators, but also guarantees the brands who search for your work have the budget to pay for quality content.

Through creator licensing, you can create social content that a brand can use as an ad for their product.

Geri Mileva, Influencer Marketing Hub


Influence.co is a professional networking site for content creators — think LinkedIn for influencers. This is a great community for networking, sharing your content, and getting advice to grow your influencing business. Build a creator resume and start learning from other influencers how to market to brands and their fans. It’s a great resource for getting advice on pricing, editing, business development, and more.

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Creator is a great platform for micro-influencers who are looking to grow their following while working with brands. It’s both a marketplace to find brand deals and a community of fellow creators who provide advice and networking in support of growing your profiles. You can also collaborate with other influencers to maximize the impact of your campaigns and learn tools and tricks of the trade from each other. It’s a smaller community than some of these other marketing platforms, so it could be a good place to get started.

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Hafi, a tool by Hype Auditor, gives you the tools you need to manage your platform. Analyze your performance, check out competitors in your niche, and get customized brand recommendations based on your influencer profile, audience type, and location. Hafi also has a way to create a media kit to send to potential leads, as well as a pricing tool that makes it easy to monetize your content.


The brands with which you work may already use Audiense, but influencers can use this tool too. Audiense offers deeper insights into your audience — including what your followers care about, what they’re talking about, and where they’re interacting with one another. A better understanding of your audience allows you to be more targeted in your brand collaborations and to work with products or services that you know will resonate with your followers — and drive ROI for your clients. It’s a smart way to make sure your content delivers value in every campaign you choose.

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