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Infographic templates allow anyone, regardless of design skill, to create eye-catching and well-organized graphics in various formats. — Getty Images/ElenaMist

Infographics are an economical and impactful way to boost engagement with your content marketing. They’re one of the most shareable forms of content: On social media, users like and share infographic content three times more than any other content.

These sites offer hundreds of templates that make it easy to create an infographic, even for those without design skills. Choose a format that’s most appropriate for the type of content you wish to share, whether that’s research, a how-to guide, a comparison of products or services, or a timeline of key dates. Then, customize these templates with your brand colors, font, and logo to really make your infographic pop.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express offers more than 1,600 infographic templates with filters that let you easily find the format you need. Use their online editor to select one of their free templates, which include timeline infographics, comparison infographics, blank templates, and more. Some of their templates are designed with specific themes in mind, including education, the environment, and health. This makes it even faster to turn your idea into reality.

The site’s user-friendly editing tool can remove a background, resize images, and animate text in just a few clicks. Note that you will need an Adobe account to download and save projects, but many of the templates are completely free.


Piktochart also offers a library of thousands of templates, with infographic formats sorted into ten different categories. One compelling template is the “survey results” category, which provides a way to share customer reviews, industry trends, or other results that make your business stand out. This specific template works well if you have a lot of data that needs to be organized in a clear way.

Infographic templates can be edited for free, but you’ll be asked to log in or sign up for a free Piktochart account first. Fortunately, the site lets you know ahead of time which templates are fully customizable and which ones are less flexible before you create an account and start editing.

Easelly is the only resource on this list that offers both infographic templates and the opportunity to hire a designer to help with your project.


Canva offers one of the most comprehensive template libraries for infographics, with options to sort by style (e.g., minimalist, modern, simple, etc.), by theme, by topic, and more. There are tons of beautiful designs to choose from, as well as ways to customize your template. Add Venn diagrams, pie charts, tables, illustrations, and images to make your infographic really pop.

When you click on a template, Canva gives you all the information you need before you start editing: the size, font names, color palette, and other similar templates. Canva offers plenty of free templates, but if you choose to download or print your infographic, there may be a fee (starting at $4.80 to print).


Easelly is the only resource on this list that offers both infographic templates and the opportunity to hire a designer to help with your project. After signing up, you can browse Easelly’s library of infographic templates or hire a designer either part-time or full-time to continuously create visual assets for your marketing. It’s more expensive than other tools on this list: Pricing starts at $120/month. However, if your design needs seem like they’ll be ongoing, it could be worthwhile to find an expert through this site.

Microsoft PowerPoint

You don’t need to use an online design tool to create a beautiful infographic. If you have Microsoft PowerPoint, HubSpot offers 15 free infographic templates that you can download for free. For many small business owners, it's simplest to work through an interface with which they're already familiar. If you’re looking to include the infographic in a presentation or e-book, PowerPoint could be your best option — the design can easily be sized and formatted to fit your other content.

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