A Black woman wearing a pink shirt and a white apron leans against a counter in a large kitchen. On the counter beside her are mixing bowls, some filled with whipped icing, and trays of cupcakes iced with mint green, pastel pink, white and brown icing. An icing bag is in the woman's hand. In the background are cooling racks and industrial chrome refrigerators.
It's not enough to have a good concept or product; you have to spread the word, too! These minority-owned businesses are doing just that. — Getty Images/kali9

Minority enterprise plays a vital role in our country’s economic growth and competitiveness. Over the last 10 years, minority-owned businesses accounted for over half of the two million new businesses started in the United States and created 4.7 million jobs in the process. Minority entrepreneurs also bring their unique perspectives to their companies and their communities, allowing for a diversified market of goods and services.

As social media becomes an increasingly important component of any business’ overall strategy, many minority enterprises are taking advantage of these platforms to share their brand to a wider audience. In support of these incredible entrepreneurs, here are 10 minority-owned businesses that are leveraging social media’s full impact.


As a Native American-owned fashion brand and indigenous art collective, B.YELLOWTAIL strives to share authentic Indigenous design with the world. The company's shop and Instagram feed feature clothing from its main collection, as well as accessories and beauty products handcrafted by Indigenous entrepreneurs. The company has also fundraised thousands of dollars through apparel sales in support of the No-DAPL and women’s rights movements in the community.

Follow B.YELLOWTAIL on Instagram: @byellowtail

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie is a Black-owned beauty brand that develops high-quality, cruelty-free, all-inclusive cosmetics. The company’s Instagram feed shows colorful photos of its sweets-themed makeup collections, as well as how its products look on a diverse range of models. The brand has also been dubbed “activists in makeup” for speaking up against various injustices, including the Black Lives Matter movement and disparities within the beauty space.

Follow Beauty Bakerie on Instagram: @beautybakeriemakeup

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Cafe con Libros

Cafe con Libros (“coffee with books”) is an intersectional feminist bookstore and coffee shop. The staff of the Brooklyn-based, Afro-Latinx-owned community space uses their Instagram feed to highlight some of their favorite reads, many of which are used in their monthly book club events. However, guests are encouraged to purchase any book they like in-store or online while enjoying a nice sip of coffee or tea.

Follow Cafe con Libros on Instagram: @cafeconlibros_bk


Spotted on celebrities such as Meghan Markle, Cuyana has been making waves with its sustainable production and timeless design. The Latinx-owned fashion brand sells clothing, handbags and accessories that are featured in its impeccably minimalist Instagram feed. Last year, the brand launched the first product in its Zero Waste collection, created from overstock materials of past products.

Follow Cuyana on Instagram: @cuyana

Deep Indian Kitchen

Deep Indian Kitchen offers consumers the convenience of frozen food alongside the best flavors of Indian cuisine. The family behind the business uses their own recipes to cook their meals from scratch, which are then stocked in frozen aisles nationwide. Scrolling through the brand’s Instagram feed, which shows photos of pre-made meals as well as recipes for inspiration, is enough to make any customer head to their nearest grocery store.

Follow Deep Indian Kitchen on Instagram: @deepindiankitchen

In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing one’s mental health can be challenging. Silk + Sonder makes it easier by delivering monthly guided self-care journals.

Eighth Generation

A Seattle-based company owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe, Eighth Generation prides itself on its Native-designed wool blankets and gifts. In 2014, the brand launched its Inspired Natives™ Project, collaborating with Native artists to produce and sell goods. Eighth Generation’s Instagram feed not only highlights the company's stunning products, but the creators and inspiration behind them.

Follow Eighth Generation on Instagram: @eighth_generation

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Silk + Sonder

In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing one’s mental health can be challenging. Silk + Sonder makes it easier by delivering monthly guided self-care journals. The South Asian-owned business has curated a serene Instagram feed, showing photos of its journals, peaceful interior design and inspirational quotes. Silk + Sonder also offers a children’s version of its subscription, designed for children ages 6 to 12.

Follow Silk + Sonder on Instagram: @silkandsonder

Sigma Beauty

Sigma Beauty offers clean, cruelty-free cosmetics and brushes for conscious consumers. The Brazilian-owned company, which boasts a team that is over 90% female, has long been a staple of beauty gurus worldwide. For those who are interested in trying Sigma Beauty, the brand’s Instagram visuals speak for themselves: The company's feed features not only pictures of its products, but videos and photos of real customers using those products.

Follow Sigma Beauty on Instagram: @sigmabeauty


AAPI-owned STEEZY holds true to its tagline of “dance classes for everyone” by offering online dance classes in a variety of styles and four difficulty levels. Users can loop moves, control speed and even switch views to make the most of their learning experience. To preview the app offerings or get a little extra inspiration, simply peruse STEEZY’s Instagram reels (and watch them over and over again!).

Follow STEEZY on Instagram: @steezystudio

Trade Street Jam Co.

Trade Street Jam Co. is a woman- and Black-owned business that produces small-batch, low-sugar fruit spreads. With unique flavors like smoked peach and blackberry mulled merlot, jam connoisseurs can enjoy these spreads on toast, with ice cream or within their favorite recipes. Trade Street’s Instagram feed features both product pictures and recipe ideas to get you started.

Follow Trade Street Jam Co. on Instagram: @tradestjamco

If you identify as a minority business owner, check out our guide to some top resources for minority entrepreneurs.

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