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TikTok gives users a plethora of tools for creating, enhancing, and sharing video content. — Getty Images/twinsterphoto

TikTok continues to be wildly popular, and it offers plenty of tools and features to improve your video content and increase engagement. Unlike Instagram, TikTok videos don't have to be completely polished; authenticity is more important than perfect aesthetics. But you can boost your content's performance with stickers, live videos, and playlists. Explore five interactive tools to fuel your next TikTok marketing campaign.

Use the TikTok Q&A feature

TikTok's question-and-answer (Q&A) feature turns every video into a relationship-building moment. Each time a user designates their comment as a Q&A question, TikTok labels the comment, making it easy for you to find and answer them. You can add a text response or video reply. In addition, TikTok places the Q&A profile link to your bio and places all questions and responses on one browsable page with links to the original video. TikTok Q&A also works in live videos, allowing you to see viewers' questions in your stream chat.

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Broadcast to your fans on TikTok Live

Engage fans in a spirited conversation using different features on your real-time video. Unlike short-form TikTok videos, there isn't a time limit for livestreams. So get creative, partner with another creator, and promote your live event ahead of time.

Use the following features to boost engagement during a live event:

  • Multi-user streams: Collaborate with up to three users for an interactive session using TikTok's Go Live Together feature.
  • Live events: Schedule and promote your next live event with a dedicated page and add promotional videos to post on your page.
  • Live topics: Add a category to your event to reach a larger audience. There are many categories, including food, DIY, and music.
  • Countdown stickers: Keep your upcoming live event at the top of your audience's mind by adding a countdown sticker to a TikTok video. It gives people the option to get a reminder before you go live.

Collaborate with a TikTok Duet

Expand your audience by creating a duet with other creators. A duet posts and plays two videos simultaneously and has a split-screen (side-by-side) view. You can create a duet from any video where the creator has the feature enabled. Or you can work with coworkers and micro-influencers to coordinate your content.

TikTok's question-and-answer (Q&A) feature turns every video into a relationship-building moment.

Although the duet only appears on your profile, your collaborator can promote it and comment to increase engagement with other fans. According to the Influencer Marketing Benchmark report, "micro-influencers receive a whopping 17.96% engagement on TikTok," so partnering with creators can boost your brand.

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Create a TikTok Creator video playlist

Social Pilot reported that "there are approximately 12 engagements in the form of likes, comments, shares, etc., per 100 views" on TikTok. And creating a playlist is an excellent way to give fans access to your most entertaining content. This is especially important considering that 77% of platform users say that "they use TikTok to look for funny and entertaining content." You can create and name several playlists and sort videos into easily discoverable categories.

Optimize video content with TikTok features

TikTok offers plenty of features to turn an average video into an engaging one. Use these tools when recording your video or add them in later. Look for ways to improve the viewer's experience, like including captions or stickers to highlight a promotion or call-to-action (CTA).

Make videos that drive sales using these features:

  • Filters: You can choose from many filter effects, but the Green Screen and Slow Zoom are two popular ones. Use the Green Screen to add a fun image or video background and Slow Zoom to show a quick time lapse.
  • Text on videos: Add intro cards, CTAs, or subtitles to get your fans involved without turning the volume up.
  • Voice-over: Turn any video into an engaging story by adding an audio voice-over to explain your DIY project or latest products.
  • Stickers, emojis, or GIFs: Pin an interactive element to an object in your video to draw attention to key items or moments.
  • Transitions: Spice up your video content with unique, fun transitions between two shots. TikTok offers several transition elements, including "scroll" and "turn off TV."

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