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From tracking customer reviews to hashtag help and influencer recommendations, there are many resources available for businesses looking to market with user-generated content. — Getty Images/Extreme Media

User-generated content allows your customers to speak for your brand: Through methods like positive reviews and social posts, your customer base is proving your authenticity and fostering trust between new customers and your business.

In fact, according to one survey, 90% of consumers agree that authenticity is a crucial factor when trying to decide what brands to buy from. Listed below are 10 resources that will help you gather and manage user-generated content for your business.

For customer reviews: Yotpo

Yotpo’s focus is on helping businesses build an engaged and loyal following of customers. When it started in 2011, the company focused on helping businesses collect customer reviews before expanding into user-generated content.

Yotpo makes it easy to manage and track customer reviews, photos and videos, and the platform integrates with Google and Facebook.

For contests and giveaways: ShortStack

ShortStack helps businesses create engagement with their customers and followers through contests and giveaways. In ShortStack, you can create a landing page, and use your contest or giveaway as a way to collect leads.

Once your contest is over, you can email the participants directly through ShortStack. You can also incentivize your customers to gather and share user-generated content.

For live events: Tagboard

Tagboard allows you to search for and collect user-generated content from platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to launch social media campaigns during live events and broadcasts. This makes Tagboard an excellent option for companies that are looking to incorporate social media into their live events.

For travel or hospitality professionals: CrowdRiff

CrowdRiff caters to companies in the travel and hospitality industries. The company will help you gather user-generated photos and videos and curate this content. You can also use the company’s platform to track your results and see what content resonates with your audience.

CrowdRiff also helps you continue the conversation with your audience by sending out personalized likes and responses. The interface is easy to navigate, and you can set up social trackers and geo-locations.

Through methods like positive reviews and social posts, your customer base is proving your authenticity and fostering trust between new customers and your business.

For hospitality or education professionals: TINT

TINT, a company that specializes in in the hospitality and education industries, helps you find, curate and share user-generated content for marketing campaigns. With TINT, you can share your content on over 15 different social media channels.

TINT also allows you to track user engagement on its robust analytics platform. These insights will help you gauge what posts are resonating with your audience.

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For social selling: Curalate

Curalate focuses on social selling by using user-generated content. You can gather user-generated content and gain consent to share it all from the Curalate platform.

Curalate will also help you find and manage micro-influencer campaigns, making it a great option for businesses that are looking to increase their social media engagement.

For e-commerce businesses: TurnTo

TurnTo helps e-commerce companies collect user-generated content to drive more traffic to their site and increase conversions. TurnTo matches customers who have questions with customers that already own and use the product.

It does this by focusing on four main areas:

  • Gathering up-to-date ratings and reviews.
  • Providing community Q&A.
  • Visual reviews for social media.
  • Checkout comments.

For social media hashtags: Social Board

With Social Board, you can collect user-generated content from a variety of social media platforms by using hashtags. You can easily display this content on your social media feed or website, and even hide or block content that you don’t like.

Social Board also lets you design your content so that it’s always on-brand, and the platform can be accessed on any device.

For influencer marketing: Pixlee

Pixlee is a user-generated content and influencer marketing platform for businesses across all different industries. The company not only helps you increase engagement through user-generated content but lets you manage and track influencer marketing campaigns.

Pixlee provides multi-channel publishing to share your user-generated content. It also includes e-commerce analytics so you can measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

For content trends and user engagement: Stackla

Stackla helps you share user-generated content across ads, over email, on your website and more. The platform gives you a central location to manage and track your user-generated content.

The company also uses machine learning to identify patterns in the content you’re publishing, as well as user engagement. That way, Stackla can make recommendations for future content.

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