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It’s not an easy feat to be an entrepreneur amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, to help, there are many online resources for small business owners to take advantage of — especially during this time. If you’re just starting out or need a few refresher courses, here are five websites that offer free classes for entrepreneurs.

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LinkedIn Learning (Formerly Lynda)

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that houses a number of online courses for professionals who want to sharpen their creative and technical skills. LinkedIn Learning provides one free trial month to new users so you can take advantage of thousands of courses to help your entrepreneurial journey.

A few relevant courses from LinkedIn Learning include:


YouTube isn’t just for cat videos anymore. Plenty of YouTubers create content to help their subscribers learn more about entrepreneurship. Many speak from experience and discuss mistakes and decisions they’ve made and offer relevant advice. A simple search will bring you videos that answer common questions about entrepreneurship.

Examples of YouTube videos include:

A simple search will bring you videos that answer common questions about entrepreneurship.


Coursera brings you courses and classes from seasoned companies and universities to strengthen your skills in a number of areas. With multiple classes covering entrepreneurship and owning a new business, you’ll have plenty of courses to choose from, hosted by award-winning universities and top-rated companies.

A few Coursera courses on entrepreneurship include:

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Udacity boasts a number of technical courses by partnering with leaders in the tech industry to teach critical skills needed in the workforce. They house a number of multifaceted courses with top teachers and projects to help solidify learning.

Courses on Udacity that speak directly to entrepreneurs include:

  • Get Your Startup Started teaches you how to kickstart your business and secure the funding you’ll need to get your startup off the ground.
  • How to Build a Startup offers tips for gathering marketplace research and customer feedback to help you create a solid business plan.


Skillshare is home to thousands of free courses with the option to upgrade to premium access, which houses even more courses from thoughtful teachers and leaders across the globe. You can sign up with a free trial or dive right into the free classes they have available.

A few courses that center on entrepreneurship include:

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