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LinkedIn has thousands of groups aimed at entrepreneurs. You can join groups specific to your industry, location, or areas of interest. — Getty Images/Luis Alvarez

You're constantly evolving as an entrepreneur, learning new ways to improve your business and grow. Much of this is a solo journey unless you have a mentor or business partner, but LinkedIn groups can connect you to other entrepreneurs and experts. These communities invite members to ask questions, give tips, and interact with others.

There are more than two million groups on LinkedIn, including nearly 8,000 for entrepreneurs. You'll also find plenty of industry- and location-specific options. Here are 10 interesting forums to check out.

Band of Entrepreneurs

Band of Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit organization and LinkedIn group with more than 30,000 members. It aims to be a helpline or lifeline for entrepreneurs, offering support, networking, education, and mentoring. Topics discussed include nearly everything a small business owner needs to know about running a company, including technology, legal help, and finance.

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Small Business Network by Entrepreneurs HQ

With nearly 280,000 members, the Small Business Network by Entrepreneurs HQ is an active forum for founders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. The group includes thought leaders, marketing agency owners, coaches, and other subject matter experts. Members are encouraged to share ideas and find resources to improve and grow their company.

Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs

Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs was established in 2007 and includes startups, small business owners, venture capitalists, and angel investors. The networking community has over 23,000 members worldwide. It's all about sharing ideas and connecting with entrepreneurs.

Self-Employed Leadership Group

Check out the Self-Employed Leadership Group if you want to stave off isolation or keep up with business trends. The community encourages members to share business articles and comment on other posts. It provides a space that helps entrepreneurs gain understanding and support while exploring business growth insights.

Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum

Are you looking for mindset and growth ideas and strategies? The Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum is for people wanting to scale their impact. Growth architect Beate Chelette established the group in 2010, and it has almost 59,000 members. The forum keeps spammy content to a minimum by not allowing external links in original posts (they’re okay in the comments section), and moderators review and approve all posts.

With nearly 280,000 members, the Small Business Network by Entrepreneurs HQ is an active forum for founders, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

Startup and Entrepreneurs Network

If you're a startup looking for funding, consider the Startup and Entrepreneurs Network. It features more than 76,000 members and covers most topics related to investors and funding. You can also submit funding proposals for a finished product with pilots, downloads, or revenue.

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Executive Suite

The Executive Suite has more than 380,000 members and facilitates executive-level peer connections. Anthony Vlahos, chief marketing officer of ExecuNet, owns the group, and ExecuNet manages it. Members can access free ExecuNet Master Class sessions led by CEOs, leadership pioneers, career strategists, professors, wellness experts, and recruiters.

Linked Small Business Innovators

With just under 50,000 members, Linked Small Business Innovators is the place for building strategic connections and finding resources. The forum provides a promotion section and doesn't allow marketing for products and services in other areas. It encourages members to share informative articles, innovative small business practices, statistics, and proven results.

Impact Entrepreneur

Impact Entrepreneur has over 33,000 members and focuses on leaders who want to join a new business ecosystem that is just and sustainable. It's organized by Laurie Lane-Zucker, founder and CEO of Impact Entrepreneur and Hotfrog, a Founding B corporation. This global network group includes system-minded investors, students, scholars, and entrepreneurs "of social and environmental innovation." The forum brings together like-minded individuals, encouraging them to network and join candid discussions.

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Small Business Marketing Advice

Are you looking for free marketing guidance and tips? The Small Business Marketing Advice group has over 5,700 members that are small business owners or marketing professionals that work with small and medium-sized businesses. The group moderates posts and doesn't approve ones that are purely promotional or unrelated to small business marketing.

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