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From flexible schedules to extended parental leave, there are various benefits that small business owners can offer to attract part-time (and full-time)employees. — Getty Images/Edwin Tan

Hiring part-time employees can be a great way to fill in the gaps for specific projects or beef up your staff during a busy season in your business. And offering the following six hiring perks can make these positions more attractive to job seekers.

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Flexible schedules

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, flexible work schedules have become a top priority for many employees. This could look like a hybrid work schedule where employees split their working time between the office and home, or you could give your employees the option to work remotely full time.

If remote work isn’t an option for your business, you can offer employees shorter work weeks. Or you could follow in Netflix’s footsteps and eliminate fixed schedules entirely.

The company doesn’t have any set working hours. Instead of logging the amount of time employees spend working, the company focuses on what that person is actually producing.

Wellness services

Aside from health insurance, wellness services are popular with many employees. These programs promote an active lifestyle and better work-life balance. And you can customize these programs to fit the needs of your employees.

For instance, you could start by providing healthy snacks at work or giving your employees the option to use a standing desk. You can also pay for gym memberships for your employees or set up a gym at the office.

Extended parental leave

For working parents, success in their jobs comes with many trade-offs in their home life. So, another option is to offer extended parental leave to any parents who work for you.

Extended parental leave can make it easier for parents to welcome their newest family member and gives them the flexibility to return to work when they’re ready. When they do return to work, they’ll likely be less stressed and more productive.

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For working parents, success in their jobs comes with many trade-offs in their home life. So, another option is to offer extended parental leave to any parents who work for you.

Professional development

One survey found that 80% of employees say that professional development is important to them. Many employees are happiest when they feel like they’re growing personally and professionally.

Fortunately, there are numerous professional development opportunities you can offer your employees. You can create a mentorship program or offer tuition reimbursement for ongoing education. You might also consider giving your employees an annual stipend so they can choose the activities that are interesting to them.

Company days of service

A company day of service is a full or half day where all employees are encouraged to volunteer with a charitable organization. Volunteering gives your employees an opportunity to give back to the community and build stronger bonds within the company.

Start by allowing your employees to weigh in on a charitable organization for which they’d like to volunteer. Once you’ve settled on an organization, you can begin working out the logistics of how and when this will take place.

Employee recognition programs

Most of us realize that a simple “thank you” at work can go a long way toward improving our attitude about our jobs. When employees feel unappreciated, they’re not going to do their best work for the company.

That’s why companies like Bonusly offer employee recognition programs for businesses. You can use this type of platform to recognize your employees for things like creativity, persistence, teamwork, and other values that are important to your company.

No matter what perks you choose to offer, make sure it’s something that’s important to your employees. And make sure new employees know about and can take advantage of these benefits.

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