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From the initial recruiting method to testing candidates skills, there are several tools available that can help business owners streamline their hiring process. — Getty Images/fizkes

Hiring is high on the list of daunting tasks for many businesses. Finding new talent to represent your brand is both complex and time-consuming. However, with the expansion of technology, there are tools that can help automate parts of the hiring process — taking some of the pressure off you and saving time. Furthermore, automating routine tasks can help you focus on the most important part of the hiring process: attracting the top talent.

Here’s everything you need to know about automating your hiring process.

Why automate the hiring process?

Hiring involves various steps that can exhaust valuable time, resources and energy. Automating your hiring process allows for more flexibility and accessibility. Processes like interviewing or assessing candidates can be done solely online, which saves time for the team to focus on other aspects of the process.

Teams can manage candidate information through applications and have emails sent automatically to candidates after they complete certain tasks, and candidates can easily schedule interviews on their time by viewing an online form with interview date and time options.

Automating your hiring process will benefit all parties by providing more time to complete important tasks, like training new hires and helping them get acclimated to the workplace.

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Automating the hiring process can help managers focus more on the value they are creating for employees and customers.

How to automate the hiring process

There are several ways you can automate the hiring process in order to lighten the load and find the best candidates. A few include:

  • Recruiting via apps. Mobile recruiting applications improve the search for candidates and provide a larger outreach. According to Yello, through such apps, you can easily obtain candidates’ resumes and information on-the-go and in real time. You can also schedule interviews and communicate with applicants from any location at any time.
  • Building talent pipelines. Contact Management Software (CMS) keeps a record of all contact names, their job titles, companies, etc. Contacts include prospective candidates based on past applications and interviews, including those you chose not to pursue but might consider down the line. Glassdoor recommends creating an entry in your CMS to which you can send announcements for new positions to these contacts.
  • Test candidate skills. To speed up the process, send a link of an approved testing tool to candidates so they can be tested on certain skills that are required for the position. Skills you may test for include problem solving, ability to work under pressure, leadership and teamwork. This will help you weed out underqualified candidates and focus on those with the skills you need.
  • Conduct a pre-screening. Before interviews begin, you can conduct a pre-screening by selecting questions and assigning them to candidates. Once you sift through their responses, you can narrow down the list of prospective candidates and move on to interviews.
  • Allow candidates to schedule their interview. You can use anappointment scheduling software to allow candidates to schedule their own interviews. The software will show them open slots so they can choose which date and time works best for them. This will cut down on the time spent finding an interview time that works for both you and the candidate.
  • Automate status emails to candidates. Attempting to answer emails from candidates on their status in the process can be time-consuming. Instead, automate your update emails so you can keep candidates posted on whether they’re eliminated or still being considered.

Automating the hiring process can help managers focus more on the value they are creating for employees and customers. Finding the right hire will surely add value, so it’s important that even through automation, you are selecting the best candidates.

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You should evaluate your current process to locate areas of improvement. Automating your process can expand your outreach, save time and effort, and attract optimal candidates. Be sure to utilize these tips when looking for a new hire.

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