Growing a diverse team begins with examining your hiring practices.
Examining your recruiting process is the first step in building a more diverse team — from the way in which you find candidates to ensuring you prevent unconscious bias. — Getty Images/xavierarnau

Companies that embrace diversity tend to build more creative teams and are more competitive in the marketplace. The following recruiting software can help you create a more diverse workplace.

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Many job postings contain inadvertent gender bias because of the language they use. Textio can help you identify and eliminate this bias right from the start.

Textio will evaluate and rank every job description you write, pointing out key phrases that are likely to shift the gender balance of your job candidates. The software will also recommend gender-neutral replacements and even rank the tone of your document in comparison to the rest of your industry. If you don’t see much engagement on some of your job postings, the software can help you identify language that will appeal to a broader range of candidates.

You can upload all your hiring documents into Textio’s central library, so your entire team has access to this information. The more hiring content you create and add to the library, the better the software gets at learning your language patterns.

Toggl Hire

With Toggl Hire, you can stop browsing through hundreds of resumes and start focusing on the qualifications that matter. You do this by utilizing the software’s skills tests.

When you sign up for Toggl Hire, you can create your own skills test within minutes. You choose the skills you’re looking for in a job candidate, then share the test on job boards and social media.

From there, you assess potential candidates based on their skill sets, not their resume. You never even look at factors like gender, age or education, which helps reduce bias from the beginning.

Toggl Hire is best for small to medium-sized companies that receive a high volume of job applications. But keep in mind that the software will only help you screen the candidates you find. It won’t help with any other aspect of the recruitment process.

Many companies lack diversity in their hiring process because they’re relying on the same sources for job candidates.


Entelo is end-to-end recruiting software that uses predictive analytics to help you find the right candidate for the job. You’ll receive comprehensive insights about every individual, like how likely an individual is to switch jobs, and their estimated market value.

The software prevents unconscious bias from creeping into your recruitment process by allowing you to hide information about candidates that may be subject to bias. Entelo also allows you to identify candidates that belong to underrepresented groups and candidates who have helped advance diversity in the workforce. And the software’s metrics will give you greater insight into your diversity hiring practices.

Overall, Entelo could be a good choice for companies that need more accountability in their hiring practices. However, the software will not help you with job posting or interviewing candidates.


Blendoor makes it easy to source, evaluate and hire qualified candidates without bias. One of the ways the company does this is through their candidate database. Many companies lack diversity in their hiring process because they’re relying on the same sources for job candidates. Blendoor will give you access to their extensive database of diverse and qualified candidates.

The company also uses AI to evaluate millions of resumes and predict who will be the best fit for the role you’re trying to fill. According to CEO Stephani Lampkin, Blendoor has doubled the number of women hires and increased the hiring of underrepresented minorities by 6x.

Blendoor also helps job seekers evaluate which companies embrace diversity. On their website, they’ve ranked 200 companies on how well they are incorporating diversity into their workforce.


Pymetrics uses behavioral science and AI technology to find and manage job candidates. The company evaluates job seekers through a series of behavior-based games.

The first 12 games measure a candidate’s cognitive and emotional qualities. Then the next four games measure their numerical and logical reasoning. Every time a candidate’s results match a specific profile, they can move on to the next round of games.

Pymetrics also provides a digital interview process, and each candidate is asked the same job-related questions. The company’s hiring process will not only save you time, but it also helps minimize unintentional bias.

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