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Whether you need help performing a task outside of your usual skill set or you're just looking to streamline your workflow and save time, AI tools may be able to help. — Getty Images/Nastasic

More and more small businesses have adopted AI to streamline their content generation processes, from drafting social media captions to editing photos and videos. While ChatGPT is arguably the most well-known and most commonly used, there’s no shortage of AI-powered tools to help you create quality content at scale.

Here are nine other AI tools small businesses can use for content creation.

AI tools for blog and social media writing

Small businesses that leverage content marketing can explore these tools to draft written materials like blogs and social media posts.


Anyword is a generative AI platform that can be trained on your brand voice and writing style. One of its primary content generation tools is the Blog Wizard, which can draft blog posts with SEO-friendly keywords and check for plagiarized content. Anyword also offers predictive performance scores for generated content, as well as analytics for live posts.


Lately is designed specifically to repurpose long-form written content into shorter posts for social media, with the ability to create hundreds of ready-to-go posts in minutes. Its AI content writer will build out a writing model based on your brand and its guidelines, as well as data from pretested social media posts on what resonates with your target audience.


If you’re looking for a generative AI option not based on GPT, Writer is a text generator and editing tool that boasts both high accuracy and transparency around its language learning model (LLM). Writer comes with prebuilt apps for various written content forms, including blog posts, outbound emails, and recaps. You can also set up a style guide and terms for your brand to ensure consistency across content.

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AI tools for graphic design

No matter your level of graphic design experience, these AI-powered tools can help you turn your artistic vision into a reality.


In addition to its vast library of templates and novice-friendly design tools, Canva now also includes AI-powered features for image creation and editing. The text-to-image generator can create images from your text descriptions, with a variety of art styles to choose from. You can also use the magic edit and magic eraser tools to add, edit, or remove elements from existing images in seconds.

Anyword is a generative AI platform that can be trained on your brand voice and writing style.


Designs.ai comes with a full suite of AI tools for graphic design, capable of creating everything from logos to branded graphics to text-generated images. You can choose from and edit thousands of design templates and variations, color-customize free graphics in a variety of illustration styles, or even create a logo and brand kit to apply across projects.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer has recently expanded to include generative AI design tools (in preview at the time of writing). Available-to-try features include text-to-image and text-to-design creators, generative erase, and a brand kit creator, along with various prompt templates and design templates. Additional functionalities, such as the ability to convert existing pictures into a new visual style, are expected to be released in the near future.

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AI tools for audio/video content

If your business uses podcasts, instructional videos, or other audio/video content, these AI tools can simplify the creation and editing process.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro, long considered an industry-standard software, has added several AI features to expedite video editing. Key functionalities include text-based editing of video transcripts (helpful for creating rough cuts quickly), audio/video synchronization, auto-ducking (balancing levels between dialogue and other audio), and automated morph cut abilities for seamless transitions between clips.


You can quickly and easily repurpose blog posts into podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio-based formats with Podcastle. The AI-powered platform includes tools for recording, transcribing, and editing audio, as well as a Revoice tool that creates a digital copy of your voice. It also allows multiple users to leave feedback and make edits in real time.


If your business creates long-form video content, Vidyo.ai can quickly repurpose that content into short-form clips for social media. In addition to generating trimmed versions of your existing video content, Vidyo.ai can automatically add captions, emojis, and video chapters (e.g., for YouTube) to the clips. You can also leverage the platform’s pre-existing templates for various social media sites and quickly incorporate your own branded elements.

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