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SaaS (service as a software) tools automate certain processes, freeing up your employees' time and your business's money. — Getty Images/kupicoo

The right service as a software (SaaS) tech can help your business eliminate manual tasks and save money over time. If you’ve never implemented these tools before, here are six you should consider.


If you run a subscription-based business, then you need to check out ProfitWell. The company offers solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses and can help you improve your pricing structure and reduce customer churn.

You can use ProfitWell to automatically segment your customers by over 147 different traits. As for your business itself, you can use the software to track the following metrics:

  • The lifetime value of each customer.
  • Customers you can potentially upsell.
  • At-risk customer segments.

ProfitWell will show you what’s working while helping you identify areas where your business could improve.


Many teams use multiple apps and communication tools to manage ongoing projects. Not only is this more time-consuming, but it costs more to pay for multiple subscription fees. This is where Basecamp comes in.

Basecamp is a collaborative project management software, and it’s a great option for teams of all sizes. You can use the app to communicate with team members, store files and assign tasks and due dates.

Unlike other apps, Basecamp doesn’t charge per user. The software costs $100 per month for an unlimited number of users, which could mean considerable savings for larger teams.

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TMetric is a time-tracking software that will give you insight into the profitability of your business. The app will show you which projects bring in the most revenue and which clients are the most valuable. This can help you determine where to focus your business’s attention.

The software will also help you manage employee schedules and calculate payroll every month. You can use TMetric to figure out how long various projects should take and allocate your resources accordingly.

To use the software, you can either download the browser extension or use the mobile or desktop app. Plus, TMetric integrates with over 50 popular apps like Asana and Hubspot.

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Do you know how effective your website is at converting visitors to leads and customers?


Do you know how effective your website is at converting visitors to leads and customers? If not, Omniconvert can help.

You can use this software to segment your audience and optimize the customer journey. You can also run A/B split tests for your visitors across any device.

Omniconvert will eliminate the guesswork as to how to connect with your customers. These features help you receive advanced insights about your audience, so you can build a website that’s personalized to each visitor.

And if you’re considering changing something about your website or product, you can test it out with your audience first. This will save you time and money in the long run.


Freshsales CRM makes it easier for businesses to grow and manage their pipeline. The dashboard will give you a detailed view of each customer, and you can include information like:

  • Conversions.
  • Pending or lost deals.
  • Upcoming appointments.
  • Interactions with your company.

The lead scoring tool will show you which leads are the most ready to buy, so you know where to focus during follow-ups. And the auto-assign feature will automatically assign each lead to a sales rep, so you never have to worry about anyone falling through the cracks.

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Businesses need a way to solve problems for their customers at any point during the day, and LiveChat can help you do just that. The chatbot will help you cut costs and assist your customers throughout the transaction process.

When customers type a question into the chatbot, the question is visible on your end even before they send it. That means you can start formulating your response immediately and answer customers’ questions more quickly.

In addition, you can save certain canned responses to more frequently asked questions. That way, your customers get the information they need with less time spent on your end.

LiveChat is one of the best tools to improve customer service, capture more leads and increase conversions. It’s a great combination of personalization and automation.

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