IT's more important than ever to find ways to collaboration with your team.
With a rise in remote workers, great team collaboration software is more important than ever. — Getty Images/SARINYAPINNGAM

With a large percentage of the U.S. workforce working from home, it’s more important than ever to find creative ways to collaborate with your team. If you’re struggling to collaborate with your employees, these 10 online tools might help.

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If you’re looking for inexpensive, intuitive project management software, Asana is a great option. The software is completely free for up to 15 people, and it comes with unlimited tasks and projects.

The dashboard is very straightforward and easy to navigate, and the focus is on creating projects and assigning tasks to various team members. When you log in, you can immediately see your assigned tasks and look at them in calendar view if that’s easier.


GoToMeeting is one of the best options available for video conferencing software. The call quality is exceptional, and the company provides excellent customer support.

With GoToMeeting, you can schedule conference calls, video calls, and the software provides a screen-sharing option. If you choose to record the calls, you can have them transcribed later.


Yammer is a secure social network for businesses, and it’s a great way to allow your employees to connect remotely. Plus, Yammer is a great way to keep your employees engaged and informed about the day-to-day happenings in your company.

Once team members have signed up, they can post comments, like other members’ comments and privately message each other. It’s one of the best business social networks available.


If you want a project management tool that is more comprehensive than Asana, Basecamp is a great alternative. The software comes with simple, flat-model pricing, which makes it a good choice for small businesses and growing teams.

The software comes with a task list, and you can assign tasks to different users. You can also comment and ask for updates on the progress of particular tasks. Basecamp also allows users to store documents, message other users and share files.

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the best options available for teams that need to collaborate to create content. It’s completely free to use, and multiple people can work on the same document at once and leave comments.

You can quickly review the history of all the changes made to that document, as well. However, the features are more limited than what Microsoft Word offers.

It’s more important than ever to find creative ways to collaborate with your team.


Podio is another project management tool, designed for larger teams that need more customizations. It can improve communication between team members and provides updates on where users are with various tasks.

One of the unique features Podio offers is time-tracking software and budget reports. These advanced features allow you to manage every aspect of your project from start to finish.


If you’re looking for straight task management software, you’ll want to check out Todoist. It has a clutter-free interface and is one of the easiest ways to manage and track work tasks.

Todoist focuses on the personal productivity of each user, allowing you to set your own goals and track your progress. Plus, it integrates with a number of popular apps, including Zapier and Slack.


It’s hard to talk about online communication tools without at least mentioning Slack. The company is practically synonymous with team communication, and it helps employees cut down on the time they’re spending in their inbox.

When you sign up for Slack, you can create multiple channels for various projects or initiatives. Anyone added to a Slack channel can post messages, share documents and send private messages to one or two members.


If you need an online communication tool but aren’t a fan of Slack, then Flock is a great alternative. Flock is similar to Slack in that it allows teams to have group and private conversations.

The messages are fully searchable, and Flock has much shorter load times than Slack. Users can also create polls, assign tasks and set reminders.

Facebook Workplace

Did you know that Facebook has its own team collaboration service for businesses? Facebook Workplace is a user-friendly place for employees to collaborate, and it can even serve as a company intranet.

Team members can assign tasks, send messages, and do voice calls. It can also serve as a great place to send company announcements and keep your employees in the loop.

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