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From tutoring and virtual assisting to self-publishing and content creation, starting an online business is inexpensive to start and flexible to run. — Eva-Katalin/Getty Images

Online businesses take very little capital to launch and can be run from the comfort of your home. It helps if you have some experience in digital marketing, but you don’t need a ton of internet savvy to get started with these 10 online business ideas.

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Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing refers to a digital marketing strategy where an affiliate (you) promotes a company or person’s products. In return, you earn a commission from every sale made as a result of your efforts.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to establish an online business without creating an actual product. Essentially, you feature other people's products on your blog, social media or website. To get started, work with an affiliate program that suits your interests. Try a platform like Affiliate Future, ShareASale or FlexOffers.

Flip your thrift store finds

If thrift stores are your playground, you could make some serious cash selling second-hand treasures. Resale has grown 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over the past three years, fueled by millennials and Generation Z who have an eye toward sustainability and want to buy unique styles without the hefty price tag. Take advantage of this trend by positioning yourself as a trustworthy online curator with quality vintage pieces.

Become a business coach

If you have expertise in a certain area or industry, share that knowledge with others. More and more people are hiring coaches to help them develop professionally. Business coaches provide individualized feedback and advice to young leaders and seasoned executives seeking to become better managers, improve their public speaking or find better work-life balance.

Open an e-commerce store

Thanks to platforms like Shopify, Oberlo and AliExpress, having an e-commerce store has never been easier. Online shopping is increasingly popular: E-commerce sales are expected to account for 22% of all global retail sales by 2023. Decide on the right product, spend some money on smart digital marketing, and see if you have the potential to succeed.

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Online businesses take very little capital to launch and can be run from the comfort of your home.

Self-publish an e-book

Amazon makes it easy to self-publish for free. Once your book is listed, sales from your e-book can generate passive income that adds up over time. Write a science fiction novel, a marketing how-to, or a children's picture book. Whatever you choose, self-publishing offers an opportunity to make money over and over again.

Create online content

Content is king for online marketers. As a result, many companies outsource their content creation, from videos and high-res images to infographics, white papers, and blog posts. If you have the ability to write well on a niche topic or an eye for what gets clicks, companies will pay for your content.

Manage a social media page

The mechanics of social media marketing can be time-consuming, which is why more and more brands and influencers are outsourcing their channel management. As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for researching the channel’s audience, writing posts and responding to direct messages and comments. The process can be slow and tedious but is also rewarding as you see the page following grow through your efforts.

Tutor remotely

Video platforms like Skype and Zoom make it easy to reach students all over the world. Get started as an online tutor by filming a video introducing your expertise and services. Or, partner with an online tutoring service like TutorMe, Skooli or Varsity Tutors that can connect you with students seeking help. It helps if you've already completed a course like TEFL, which makes it easy for you to teach with an actual qualification.

Offer stock images

If you're into photography, sell your images to stock photo companies like Getty, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock or Foap. It's a win-win: As your collection expands, so does your wallet. Plus, investing in growing your portfolio could open doors to other photography projects.

Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant helps entrepreneurs, businesses and executives organize their personal and professional lives. If you're organized and enjoy finding the structure within the chaos, this could be a rewarding gig for you. Duties may vary from appointment scheduling to marketing management and everything in between.

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Published February 27, 2020