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These ChatGPT prompts can help you discover new ways to help your company innovate or run more efficiently while freeing up your valuable time. — Getty Images/shapecharge

Over 49% of companies have found ways to implement ChatGPT into their workflows, proving the value of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the workplace. Using this tool can unlock new potential for your small businesses to drive growth from areas that you may not think that AI could help with, such as strategic analysis or pitching investors.

Here are 10 ways your business can use ChatGPT for success, along with prompts to get you started.

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Improve employee training programs

Elevate your employee training program by leveraging ChatGPT as an informational resource for employees. Incorporating ChatGPT into your training tools can provide employees with immediate feedback and answers to their questions via a chatbot. Plus, it can create new training materials, including tutorials and quizzes to assist with onboarding.

Try this prompt: “Improve my onboarding program for a new employee in a [position] role. The program will last [length of time] and should focus on [specific tasks/responsibilities].”

Perform a SWOT analysis

Evaluate your business’s standing by conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis (SWOT) using ChatGPT. This analysis helps businesses uncover areas of opportunity and instances where money may be inefficiently used, allowing for a more strategic allocation of resources and improved operational efficiency.

Try this prompt: “Conduct a SWOT analysis for my [product/service/company], taking into consideration both external and internal factors that affect business operations in [your industry]. ”

Enhance pitch presentations

Writing an effective pitch requires understanding your audience’s needs to demonstrate how your business can be of value in solving their problems. Use ChatGPT to cater your pitch to your target audience, incorporating persuasive elements and articulating a compelling value proposition.

Try this prompt: “Identify areas where I can improve my pitch presentation to demonstrate my value proposition to [your target audience].”

Track social media engagement

Boost your brand visibility by using ChatGPT to track your social media engagement and strategize ways to improve your business’s social media. By analyzing your social media profiles, ChatGPT can offer recommendations on crafting content that resonates with your target audience thereby increasing engagement.

Try this prompt: “Strategize ways to increase my [product/service/company]’s engagement on [social platform]. I want to target [audience or demographic] over [amount of time].”

Over 49% of companies have found ways to implement ChatGPT into their workflows, proving the value of incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into the workplace.

Improve communication with your team

Maintaining consistent communication with your internal team ensures that everybody is working efficiently toward a shared goal. Improve team communication by employing ChatGPT to create templates to communicate important information, such as training materials and company updates.

Try this prompt: “Draft an organized and concise template for my company in [your industry] that promotes internal communication.”

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Analyze your competition

By using publicly available data, ChatGPT can assess your competitors, identifying their strategies, customer demographics, market position, challenges, and successes. It can then provide insights based on these analytics to boost your business’s value and differentiate it from competitors.

Try this prompt: “List the top [number] competitors in [your industry] and provide a detailed analysis in line with that of a market research consultant.”

Plan strategic meetings

Keep your meetings on track by creating an agenda focused on company goals. Having a structured plan for meetings ensures efficient use of everyone’s time and maintains focus on the agenda, preventing deviations from the topic at hand.

Try this prompt: “Build an agenda that highlights discussion points for a meeting about [topic of meeting]. The meeting’s goal is to [explain the goal].”

Prepare for investment meetings

ChatGPT can also find talking points and strategic insights that engage potential investors. It can draft a solid business plan focused on realistic growth and progress and highlight your business’s market potential.

Try this prompt: “Help me prepare for an upcoming investor meeting about [topic of meeting]. Highlight growth strategies, evaluate the market opportunities, and integrate insights on our business model’s scalability and sustainability.”

Design customer surveys

Create engaging, straightforward, and relevant survey questions aimed at collecting valuable information to support your business’s growth. ChatGPT can even create dynamic surveys, where questions adapt based on customer responses.

Try this prompt: “Build an engaging customer survey for [product/service/company] that collects insights on our brand’s advantages, areas for improvement, and customer satisfaction.”

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Craft financial projections

Achieving long-term success hinges on effective financial management. ChatGPT can simplify that process for businesses by creating a comprehensive financial model with budget management systems and communication strategies for engaging stakeholders and investors.

Try this prompt: “Draft a financial projection model for a business in [your industry] that spans [length of time] and focuses on [specific goal].”

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