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The Meeting Room from company Room is designed for small team discussions and features soundproof walls and ventilation. —

If you’re planning to reopen your office during the COVID-19 pandemic, protecting the health of your employees should be paramount. The CDC has issued detailed guidance for businesses to follow to keep workplaces as safe and clean as possible to prevent the spread of the virus. While adjusting to this new normal might feel daunting, there are several innovative furniture designs that can help your office meet safety standards and function smoothly while the virus still poses a threat. Here are 10 of our favorites to consider.

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Pods are self-contained spaces that can be set up around an office to give workers a private, distraction-free environment and provide protection from germs. Pods often feature glass doors, soundproof walls and contain seating and a table for one or a few employees. The Meeting Room from the company Room is a pod designed for small team discussions. Measuring 7 feet, 8 inches high and 7 feet, 7 inches wide, the pod features sustainable soundproof walls, ultra-quiet ventilation to keep the air inside fresh at all times and a built-in powerbox to hold cables and ensure devices stay charged. If you choose the Pro version, it comes with a built-in monitor and camera for video conferencing.

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The Traffic Privacy Lounge Chair from National Business Furniture provides a sitting space that offers comfortable solitude while preventing the spread of germs. —

Privacy lounge chairs

You can give your clients and other visitors a comfortable and safe place to sit with a privacy lounge chair, which includes tall sides to block the spread of germs and provide a sense of solitude. The Traffic Privacy Lounge Chair from National Business Furniture features 51-inch-high sides and is upholstered in easy-to-clean commercial-quality polyurethane and soft polyester. The chair also features steel legs and a built-in power unit with two outlets and two USB ports.

Temperature check stations

The CDC recommends conducting daily temperature screenings of employees to prevent and reduce transmission of the disease. Temperature reading stations can be set up in your reception area or entryway so that everyone is checked upon arrival. This mobile temperature reading station from Safco features clear acrylic panels on three sides to provide protection from germs; a 20-inch vertical cutaway slot in the front panel so the person in charge of performing the readings can check people across a range of heights while remaining better protected; a powder-coated steel frame for durability; and four casters for mobility.

Personal storage lockers

Considering that your employees may take public transportation, visit coffee shops or walk through crowded areas on their way to work, you can help limit outside germs from entering the main office area by offering employees lockers to store personal items in your reception area or foyer. Sites such as Amazon, Steelcase, Wayfair and offer a variety of professional-looking lockers for the workplace.

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The Portable Room Divider from National Business Furniture helps aid in social distancing and creates privacy between employees. —

Room dividers

Room dividers can separate desks and tables within an office to help maintain proper distancing between employees and create a sense of privacy. Measuring 9.5 feet wide and 6.5 feet high, the Portable Room Divider from National Business Furniture features a steel frame and five 22-inch-wide panels that are covered in tackable fabric, which accordion-fold for compact storage. The divider also rolls on casters so you can move it around the office as needed.


Movable signs can be used to keep your team informed of proper safety measures (such as reminders to wear a mask and keep hands clean), as well as to communicate messages and direct employees and visitors toward important points such as temperature check stations. The Write Way Rectangular Sign from Safco offers a two-sided dry erase surface and a sturdy wide base that can be weighted by sand or water for stability.

Sanitizing stations

Using hand sanitizer throughout the day can help kill the COVID-19 virus. Consider installing one or several hand sanitizing stations throughout your office to give employees a quick and easy way to keep their hands clean. This freestanding sanitizer station, available on Amazon, can be placed wherever needed and has an automatic sensor.

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This freestanding, transparent sneeze guard from National Business Furniture blocks respiratory droplets that can be released from sneezing, coughing and talking. —

Sneeze guards

Tall barriers can be placed around workstations and receptionist desks to help prevent germs from spreading throughout the office. Called “sneeze guards,” they work by blocking respiratory droplets that can be released from sneezing, coughing and talking. This freestanding, transparent sneeze guard from National Business Furniture is made of acrylic and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. You can also find many varieties of sneeze guards on sites like Amazon, Staples and Safco.

Antimicrobial chairs

Chairs described as “antimicrobial” are treated with additives that can help kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. The Antimicrobial Vinyl Task Chair from Modern Office features antimicrobial vinyl, an adjustable seat, built-in lumbar support and casters for added mobility. If you need seating for your break room, the stylish Strata Stool from National Business Furniture features a foam seat upholstered in antimicrobial vinyl, a flared wood back and a steel frame.

Mobile whiteboards

Mobile whiteboards can have several functions in your office: They can be used to communicate important messages, they can serve as barriers between spaces and they can also be moved outside if you decide to conduct a meeting in a courtyard or patio to get some fresh air. The Impromptu Full Whiteboard Screen from Safco measures 42 inches wide and 72 inches high and stands on four wheels (two locking). The full magnetic double-sided whiteboard panel atop a black steel frame allows you to easily write and take notes with dry erase markers.

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