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These ten companies are dedicated to creating their quality products in the locations where their businesses are located — the United States. — Getty Images/SomeMeans

With American manufacturing output on the rise during the past 10 years and the manufacturing sector responsible for 11.3% of U.S. gross domestic product, it’s worth taking a look at some of the popular companies in this sector to find lessons in their success. Leaders in this space have figured out innovative ways to tell their stories and shift to “just-in-time” manufacturing methods to make their business models work.

Here are 10 companies that have found success creating and crafting products in the United States.


Airstream has been making iconic trailers and recreational vehicles in its Jackson Center, Ohio plant since 1952. The company emphasizes the quality of its travel trailers and claims 70% of its produced trailers “are still on the road” today. Airstream sells its trailers to a mostly American audience, but it also ships its trailers all over the world.

Burt’s Bees

Durham, North Carolina-based Burt’s Bees may best be known for its ubiquitous lip balm, but it should also be known for making all of its products in a tobacco-warehouse-turned-factory in North Carolina. The company sources its hard-to-get beeswax in Tanzania, but the rest of the process happens in the United States. On top of lip balm, the company also sells many other manufactured-in-the-USA products including makeup, face cream, body lotion, toothpaste and more.

California House

California Houseoffers custom-made, high-end furniture designed to help families and friends play games and entertain guests. Its items include pool tables, shuffleboard tables, home bars, stools and more. All of its furniture and accessories are made to order at the company’s factory in Sacramento, which has been operating since 1953.

Gorilla Glue

Cincinnati, Ohio-based Gorilla Glue has steadily grown more popular during the past two decades, with its line of adhesives, tapes and sealants — all of which are made the U.S. The family-owned company started selling its versatile polyurethane glue to consumers in 1999, but then it expanded to manufacture and sell its own “tough” versions of duct tape and silicone sealants.

Heritage Bicycles

While Chicago-based Heritage Bicycles may have a name that sounds like it only manufactures bikes, it also sells quite a bit of coffee. The company has several retail locations in Chicago where you might go in to grab a latte but then walk out with a new made-in-the-USA bicycle. Its American-made bikes are a point of pride for the company, which claims it is the “only completely Chicago-made bike since Schwinn production left the city in the ’70s.”

Leaders in this space have figured out innovative ways to tell their stories and shift to “just-in-time” manufacturing methods to make their business models work.


Freeport, Maine-based L.L.Bean has been making its famous duck boots in the U.S. since 1912, and it continues to do so today. With a quickly growing catalog and numerous retail locations, not all of L.L.Bean’s products are still made in the United States. But the company has more than 500 items on its website clearly marked as Made in the USA (including shoes, tote bags, pillows, rugs and furniture) so discerning consumers can see what is being manufactured in Maine.

Lodge Manufacturing Company

In the world of cooking, cast iron skillets have had a special place for chefs and consumers alike. Lodge Cast Iron, one of the most popular lines of cast iron cookware, has been manufacturing items in South Pittsburg, Tennessee since 1896. The company is still owned and managed by the descendants of founder Joseph Lodge.


Candor, North Carolina’s Polarmax manufactures high-performance base layer clothing designed to keep active people warm. The company’s base layers, which have been made in North Carolina since 1985, are designed to keep skiers, climbers, hikers and campers warm and dry outdoors. Polarmax says it is fully committed to “R&D, knitting, finishing, cutting, sewing, and distribution in the USA.”

Vermont Teddy Bear

One product you don’t often see made in the U.S. these days are toys, but the Vermont Teddy Bear company has been handcrafting bears since 1981. With a dedication to quality, the company offers a lifetime warranty on its bears and the company’s Dr. Nancy is in charge of the “Bear Hospital” where teddy bears are repaired. Sustainability is also a priority with “100% recycled stuffing used in each bear.”


Cleveland, Ohio-based Vitamix offers high-performance blenders that are designed, built and tested in the U.S. The company is known for its extraordinarily loyal following, with Vitamix owners recommending it to 13 people on average. Additionally, Vitamix is credited with creating one of first-ever “infomercials,” which aired in 1949.


When it comes to lighters, no brand is perhaps more iconic than Zippo, whose windproof lighters have mostly not changed in the past 78 years and still remain relevant. Zippo’s American-made lighters retain the basic design from the 1930s, but the company has created colorful new versions of the lighter each year, plus it now offers candles, hand warmers and various accessories as well.

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