Stop the Health Insurance Tax

Congress has unfinished business...

On January 1, 2018, Obamacare’s health insurance tax (or HIT) took effect, adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of insurance for millions of individuals, families, small businesses and seniors. In fact, without a fix, one out of every two Americans—more than 156 million people—will get HIT with higher health costs this year.

It’s not too late for lawmakers to take action. Congress must stop the tax—right now.

How Hard Will You Get HIT?

Small businesses, seniors and families will be the ones to pay for the health insurance tax. 

Unless Congress acts soon, the tax will lead to average premium increases ranging from $158 per person in the individual market to $540 per family in the large group market, and from $245 per Medicare Advantage member and $181 per Medicaid managed care enrollee. {Source}

Can you afford that extra cost for your health care? 

Health insurance premiums have gone up enough. American small businesses, seniors and families are counting on Congress to keep their premiums from going even higher.  

Congress must act right now to repeal or suspend the health insurance tax—before it’s too late for 156 million Americans.

Calculate Your Premium Increase

See how much the Health Insurance Tax will cost you.

How do you currently get your health insurance?

An individual (non-group) plan

Over the next decade, the increase in individual health insurance premiums could be $2,276.

A small group family plan

Over the next decade, small group family health care premiums could cost an additional $6,190.

A large group family plan

Over next 10 years, large group family health insurance premiums could cost an additional $6,675.

A Medicare Advantage plan

Over the next decade, it'll cost Medicare Advantage members $3,030 more on their health insurance premiums.

A Medicaid plan

Over the next 10 years, Medicaid managed care enrollees will have to spend up to $2,370 more on their health insurance premiums.

How Hard Does the Health Insurance Tax HIT Your State?

Increases in Premiums